Bad person 5: Saint ji was cut, Luo Xiaobei cut ji such as snow, fans: small north this person can not be

“Painting of the bad people” fifth season, the latest episode ji such as snow with Luo Xiaobei, sister two people to find the rest of the five big holy ji, ready to rescue the bad people arrested in Yanzhou.Results the prisoner was successfully saved, Luo Xiaobei with Ji Such as snow sword relative, may be in the world of Luo Xiaobei, the protagonist Li Xingyun is the culprit of killing their bad people, Luo Xiaobei pressed ji such as snow Li Xingyun whereabouts.As The wife of Li Xingyun, Ji Such as snow naturally refused to say, the results of Luo Xiaobei directly a knife cut in each other’s shoulder, fans of the mood was also this moment, there are many fans threatened, should not have saved him, no matter how to say ji such as snow is also his savior.Even if he has enemies with Li Xingyun, also should not hurt ji such as snow, and the fifth season of nine days of holy ji was cut, such as Ji such as snow against ba also, although with the help of the right place at the right time to give each other a blow.Although failed to let the other side suffered a heavy blow, but at least one sword cut his throat, but the arrival of several other holy ji, originally thought that five holy ji can stay with the ba, but did not expect to be he ran away.Even if the scene of two big saint seriously injured, but we have three people, plus Ji Ruxue, leaving the ba should not be a big problem, and before the execution platform, one of the saint Ji taunt ba is also li Cunli’s worst.So the worst performance of so tough, so other men, or Li Cunli himself and how strong, before a few seasons in nine big saint Ji that is the voice of the top battle, now to the fifth season unexpectedly become this way, completely different from everyone’s imagination.There is a small detail, sister is definitely a master, Luo Xiaobei to call for help, nine days from heaven, Luo Xiaobei also ran over, he is good at escape, so run fast is very normal.The elder sister finally also panted to run over, that proves her strength is not ordinary, and the body is also carrying so many things, and to see this big scene of fighting, she is not panic at all, this is enough to show that this person is not ordinary.# To learn more exciting content, come to pay attention to little Chu said anime

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