Hanzhong secondhand goods market, someone selling a period of the Republic of China “business license”, Shouting 500 yuan

In the second-hand market, we often see people selling antiques on the roadside, such as bronzes, porcelain, porcelain plates, porcelain bowls, and gold and silver jewelry, gold and silver jewelry;There are also used tools, used switch sockets, used electrical wiring, and used books and newspapers.However, today, xiaobian saw a netizen’s post in the local headlines. It said that someone in Hanzhong Yang County was selling a copper oval sign.The key is that this brand is really some special, special is special in the brand above the words, although after years of baptism, but the above words are still clearly visible, so that xiaobian so far, just know that this kind of industry at that time was actually legal, because the brand above the words have explained everything.Only, take this kind of collection to come out to sell, return really some courage?Xiaobian is also wondering, maybe the old lady selling bronze MEDALS is really illiterate?Otherwise, if the person selling the sign can read, whether it is found on the roadside or collected at home, if it is sold in the market, it would take a lot of courage.However, from another point of view, the small bronze medal, xiaobian think the price of this brand is far more than 500 yuan, because it carries the history of that period, is the most powerful proof of a certain industry in that period.Therefore, this small bronze medal, the price may be able to sell a little higher.Xiaobian also thinks, like this brand, should be collected by the government department more appropriate, let it be collected in the museum, so that more people know the history……

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