Harbin martyrs Cemetery this year martyrs looking for relatives clues: the five martyrs’ relatives, contact us

Recently, Harbin Martyrs Cemetery launched the 2022 “for martyrs” activity, and announced the first 5 martyrs to find relatives clues, launched social forces to jointly find relatives for martyrs.”The deeds and spirit of heroes and martyrs are the precious spiritual wealth of the Party and the country. Due to the ages and other reasons, some families and descendants of martyrs only know the sacrifice of their loved ones, do not understand the details, do not know the burial place of martyrs. We have received many descendants of martyrs to find the burial place of their loved ones consultation.”These days, Harbin martyrs cemetery staff Wei Lijun and colleagues according to the records of the martyrs’ archives, one after another for the martyrs to find relatives of the letter sent out.Wei lijun said that over the years, the martyrs’ cemetery has carried out regular activities to find relatives of martyrs, but there are still several families of heroes and martyrs who cannot be contacted.This year, Harbin martyrs cemetery to further expand a martyr channels, locate according to the situation, through visiting, phone calls, letters, network publishing a tracing information “combination” means, and the martyr census register seat veterans affairs department, the public security organs, the village committee, or recorded in the archives of work units and contact, looking for their loved ones for heroes.It is understood that according to the martyrs’ archives records, the first release of 5 martyrs looking for relatives clues, there have been a number of martyrs in Kazakhstan to work, lived.If you have any information about relatives or descendants of martyrs, please contact Harbin Martyrs Cemetery at 0451-82114763.Martyr Zhu Zhixin was born in 1898 in Beizhen County, Liaoning Province.In 1935, he joined the New Fourth Army.In 1945, Zhu zhixin moved to northeast China and served as detective captain of Harbin Public Security Bureau before his death.In February 1946, Zhu Zhixin died in the battle of suppressing bandits near the News cinema at the age of 48.According to the records of 1983, zhu Guiqin, the daughter of the martyr, worked in the pastry factory no. 9, Xiaoweixin Street, Daowai District, Harbin city;Still have a family member to call Zhao xinmin, be Great Wall wooden factory worker at that time.Ma Qinghai martyr male, born in En County, Shandong Province, in June 1922.In 1945, he joined the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.He was deputy battalion commander of the Reconnaissance Battalion of the Fourth Field Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.In June 1947, he was wounded in the battle against Siping. After treatment in Harbin Municipal hospital, he died of illness in Harbin at the age of 25.Ma Qinghai According to the records, Ma Qinghai martyr’s mother Zhang Dianqin in 1983 had lived in Harbin City Nangang District Fuhua 4th Street no. 6.Ma Qinghai martyr’s younger brother Ma Qinghe is Harbin Jiangbei shipyard retired workers.Ning Qi Martyr male, also known as Ning Youhua, born in 1917 in Beijing.In 1939, he graduated from Harbin Manchukuo High School. In 1940, he was admitted to Harbin Electric Car Company as conductor. In 1946, he was transferred to Harbin Automobile Factory as a car driver.He was elected captain when he went out in 1947.The team was bombed by kuomintang aircraft in Kaiyuan, comrade Ning Qi died in glory, at the age of 30.According to the records, his wife was Named Lu Dongming, who once lived in No. 37 Garden Street, Nangang District, Harbin city.Piao Lusheng martyr male, working in civil Administration Department of Songjiang Provincial People’s Government (now Heilongjiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department).In 1947, Piao Lu-sheng died in a car accident while crossing the jihong Bridge in Harbin on official business.According to records, Park s mother Kim Jin-soon worked at a plywood factory in Songgang.The martyr’s younger brother Pu Luki lived in a village in Xinglong Mountain town, a suburb of Changchun.Chen Shiqi martyr male, originally named Chen Yongqi, was born on August 24, 1911.Pingyang County, Anhui Province (originally tongcheng) Yijin Township Fangjia new house people.He was the director of social department of Songjiang Provincial Party Committee before his death on April 13, 1947.His father is Called Chen Yepu, the elder brother is called Chen Langran, the second brother Chen Xiangtao.Chen Shiqi martyr’s lover called Sheng Peilin, in Anhui Province, Zhongyang Yu tan gang MAO Jing Guan town forward street 4 live.Copyright notice: Reprint in any form without permission is prohibited

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