How does this high-cold material represent the Frozen wind?

Glass brick, a kind of “fairy full” material in the design circle, known as the architectural wizard, with the appearance of “bring halo” to attract countless powder, not only can cool high cold, to create a sense of atmosphere full of “frozen wind” design;It can also be poetic and romantic, salt and sweet.Vitreous brick is the block that uses vitreous to suppress to take shape or the vitreous product of box shape, larger body, cent solid and hollow two kinds, have sex of high pervious to light and choice clairabout sex, can cure all small black house, and effect of sound insulation, heat insulation is good, illicit close sex is strong, still can dustproof moistureproof.In 1932, modernist architect Pierre Chareau’s “House of Glass” in Paris marked the formal introduction of industrial glass bricks into architectural design.Vitreous brick can “advocate outside already”, also can “advocate inside”, plasticity is very strong.In the exterior of the building generally as the external wall structure exists, and in the interior space mostly as wall partition and screen, play the role of division and decoration.It was once out of sight, but is now back in fashion as a terrazzo.The exterior walls of this house, which weighs 13 tons of custom-made glass bricks, look like a waterfall from the sky, giving the space a bizarre feel when the sun shines through.The glass walls cut out the noise, creating a world of silence and noise.This highly avant-garde painted apartment by Krueck + Sexton Architects, which designed offices for the FBI, is one of the most celebrated interiors of the 1980s.The interior is separated by glass bricks, which integrates artwork and home display.As the light conditions change and the occupants move, a futuristic dazzling effect is formed, as if entering a world of ice and snow aurora.In this modern apartment converted from an office building, the team created a new curving courtyard that is modern, transparent and bright, with access to the sky.As the core of the building, this new placement acts as an ice cube, providing light, ventilation and unique views to both private and public areas.In this 200-square-metre contemporary duplex in Tel Aviv, the separation of public and private areas was achieved by creating walls made of metal frames and glass bricks.The glass tiles transfer light and create diffuse reflections, softening the space and creating interesting layers.MVRDV architects inherited the Dutch architecture avant-garde subversion gene, with transparent glass brick walls to create a fashion leader CHANEL’s crystal house, rational and emotional, gorgeous, colorful crown.Pinkie is a refreshing new cafe that combines pink-hued glass bricks with black terrazzo and existing concrete infrastructure to create a post-modern design palette of colour and materials.Using glass bricks, mirrors and acrylic, the architects transformed the area into a crystal temple, where the new books of the season seem to float in the air.It is pure and luminous, leading readers to explore the world of the book.Stylist people pass vitreous brick with the aid of, undertake with white white snow again lie between empty dialogue, form or wen wan, or shock, or harmonious visual impact, bring people special enjoyment.

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