Huichuan District, Zunyi City: Ex-soldiers become Baymax

I am in the fight against the epidemic.Recently, Zunyi City Huichuan district veterans affairs Bureau combined with the actual work, the emergency selection of Zhang Daoan and other five political quality veteran party cadres, sunken to the district of Donggongsi street intersection to participate in the front-line epidemic prevention and control work.Ex-servicemen and Party members and cadres in Donggongsi sub-district formed a special working group, and cooperated with the establishment of four working groups of centralized isolation medical observation points to implement prevention and control measures to every link.They have been organized to learn knowledge about epidemic prevention and control, and clearly define the division of responsibilities. They have shown their identity, spearheaded and set an example in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and jointly built a fortress of epidemic prevention and control, effectively reducing the risk of epidemic transmission.Escort for life, adhere to health.At the temporary party branch, they fought in the “epidemic” line, put on protective suits, and acted as “Bayaka”, actively assisting the streets to do a good job of voluntary service guarantee, such as on-site consultation, order maintenance, information registration, epidemic prevention propaganda and guidance for drivers and passengers coming to Huichuan.”We can’t fight this epidemic without me.”After military career tempered, no matter where you are, “if there is a war, call will return, war will win” clank oath into the blood of retired soldiers.In the prevention and control of the epidemic, they have taken concrete actions to fulfill their original mission.Zhang Daoan, a retired military member who has been practicing in the army for 12 years, volunteered for the first time and actively participated in the epidemic prevention and control work at the intersection of Donggongsi Expressway.”The epidemic is the command and the ‘epidemic’ line is the battlefield.As a veteran party member, this epidemic, the critical moment must be in the front line, can not do without me.”He said without hesitation, “Although the anti-epidemic work is very difficult, but I can help the streets to complete the prevention and control work, for the protection of Huichuan to contribute their own strength, all my efforts are worthwhile.Fight “epidemic” as the vanguard, “epidemic line” show responsibility.Five ex-military party members, together with medical workers and community workers, stood at the front line of epidemic prevention and wrote about the responsibilities of ex-military party members in the new era.Zhang Jun Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Cheng Xing editor Li Beduo editor Min Jie Zhang Ting

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