Sacchi says lozano might fit the bill and varela has di Livio’s touch

With Ferran Torres out of the Etihad Stadium, City need to bring in good striders.Italian football legend sacchi said: “lozano might fit the bill.”Mexican striker Lozano plays for Napoli, his pace and dribbling ability is excellent, his strengths match guardiola’s standards.Sacchi also commented on the characteristics of inter star Varela – varela has di Livio’s feel.Angelo di Livio is one of apennine’s best midfield stars, and he has great running ability, as does Varela.Di Livio and varela can both play wide and varela can play in central midfield.Varela’s running and tackling stats are excellent for the nerazzurri and Italy, so sacchi feels the inter star has di Livio’s touch.Of course, the two star midfielders come from different eras, di Livio’s wingers are usually “fast horses on the wing”, he is the representative of “small, fast and clever”, he is particularly strong in the ability to open up the opposition defense.Today’s wingers do not have high requirements for individual ability, but this position requires a high level of comprehensive ability of players. Varela can learn individual ability from his predecessors.And sacchi also admitted that the azzurri in the play-off status, mostly depends on the performance of barrera, Zaniolo this generation of young players.City’s sporting director, Txiki Begiristain, is known to be looking for good strikers, but there aren’t enough of them in football these days, and the coach is very strict about his strikers – not only does he need to be quick with his feet, but he also needs to be quick with his feet.Some coaches like big niners.In contrast, Guardiola likes “short center forward”, Lozano fits these conditions.Lozano played on the wing for the lightning and Mexico and can sometimes play as a shadow striker.Some fans, however, say the coach needs to find a legitimate centre forward, so why does Sacchi think Lozano fits the bill?In theory Lozano could also play as a centre-forward, and guardiola has often played with a wingless front, while Grealish and Foden could also play as a “false nine”, meaning that the Catalan manager’s demands on strikers are less than those of traditional tall centre-forwards.I think guardiola’s formation is relatively fixed, 4-3-3 has been the constant formation of azzurri in recent seasons, guardiola is difficult to adopt a single-arrow formation.If Lozano plays at the nine, the Mexican star just has to show off his scoring skills, not his arrowhead attributes.Judging from lozano’s performance under Spalletti, Sacchi feels the Mexican star is efficient, which also suits Guardiola’s requirements.In napoli’s 4-2-3-1 formation, Lozano is often used as a wide midfielder, he is good in the organization of the wing, his success rate is high, but Lozano does not ask for a lot of ball.In city’s squad, the ball is usually concentrated at the hands of the likes of De Braunay, Hernandez and Benitez, and jose mourinho does not want new arrivals to disrupt the club’s structure.So Sacchi says Lozano might fit the bill.Di Livio was an outstanding midfielder in the 1990s and sacchi believes it is a compliment that Varela has di Livio’s touch, while sacchi also points the way for young players.Di Livio is now known to fans as a “big mouth”, the famous player who regularly makes comments in the Serie A media, sometimes advising Agnelli not to sell dybala, and sometimes taking an interest in the milan duo.But in his playing days di Livio was a solid player, with great pace and movement.When he was at Juventus, zidane was regularly named in serie A’s team of the year alongside di Livio.Some fans will argue that di Livio’s style of play has the aura of a hero, while Varela is at heart a midfield engineer.According to sacchi, varela is a bit of a “engineer” under inzaghi, mainly because at the moment varela’s playmaking ability is not as good as brozovic and ciarhanoglu.By the time Barrera gets better, he’ll have the aura of a leading man.In addition, di Bala is a desperate style of play, the same spirit of di Livio, a strong mental system will allow Varela to become the future leader of both inter and Italy.

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