Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony, these moments let a person break defense!

China News Network Beijing On February 5 (reporter Li Jinlei)In 2008, the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing was magnificent and spectacular.In 2022, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was ethereal and romantic.From “telling history” to “looking forward to the future”, this is the “Double Olympic City” heritage and confidence: The Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games hosted by Chinese people will always surprise the world!There is no “crowd tactics”, but the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is simple, beautiful and wonderful, people just like watching a movie, from the 24 solar terms countdown, to the Yellow River water sky, to the five rings of ice and snow, and yanshan snow as big as a banquet, one romantic creative link is impressive.There are a lot of details, let countless people shout out.The picture shows the entrance of the national flag of the People’s Republic of China.During the entrance stage of the National flag, two rows of more than 100 ordinary Chinese passed the national flag from hand to hand to the flag squad, accompanied by the melody of “Me and my Motherland” played by a child trumpeter.The people carrying the flag included representatives from 56 ethnic groups and all walks of life, as well as models and role models representing all the people.Careful people found that there are jing Haipeng and others.”Simple yet powerful!Clear love only for China!””No great sense of performance, but the heart”, this moment let Zhang Yimou moved, also let countless people see cry.The image shows the long river opening slowly.China News Service reporter Cui Nan photography as long river to pay tribute to the struggle of the people “gently holding your face, dry your tears for you…”To the song “Let the World Be filled with Love,” dozens of young people from all over the world walk side by side, and as they walk, a river of images slowly unfolds.Image photos show the life of people in different parts of the world, as well as the moment of the struggle of the world’s ice athletes, this performance is to pay tribute to the world’s ordinary unremitting struggle of people!”How warm it is to open the image with the footsteps of young people!”On February 4, the main flame of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was lit.During the opening ceremony, “Yanshan snow as big as a seat” was staged in the Bird’s Nest, and this big snowflake was put together one by one by the delegations’ guide cards.Each delegation’s guide card itself is a snowflake shape combining the Chinese knot element, which means that different snowflakes gather in Beijing and become a human snowflake, a common snowflake.”Too much detail!”Netizens pointed out that China once again showed the world the romance and profound cultural heritage of China.The picture shows the Entrance of the Chinese delegation.In the opening ceremony, the water of the Yellow River came from the sky, and the “five rings of ice and snow” broke through the ice. After 14 years, the five rings were raised again in the Bird’s Nest, which was amazing.Later, when the largest Chinese delegation in the history of winter Olympics came out, the Bird’s Nest again sounded the melody of “Ode to the Motherland”, the bright five-star red flag and ice and snow five rings reflected each other, the audience broke out a warm applause, watching the blood boiling.”That touch of Chinese red, too beautiful, tears in my eyes.” “The moment the Chinese team appeared, tears really filled my eyes.”What scene in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics made you break the defense?(after)

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