Han Yuhong: Brief History of Yichang Port

On February 3, 2022, the third day of the Chinese New Year, I received a great gift: Brief History of Yichang Port.The book was sent from Nanjing by Yan Wenge, former deputy director of Yichang Port Administration Bureau, to the painter Wu Wei.Thank you!”Brief History of Yichang Port” after the hand, immediately read.About 650,000 words, the book complements the history of Yichang Port, comprehensively introducing the establishment, development and growth of Yichang Port.Yichang Port Group, formerly known as Yichang Port Administration bureau of Yangtze River Shipping Administration bureau, referred to as “Yichang Port”, has a long history and contributed greatly to the establishment and development of Yichang city.Know the history of Yichang port, also understand the formation of yichang city.Yichang, located at the junction of the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River, “controls Bashu from the top and leads Jingxiang from the bottom”, known as the “throat of Chongqing and Hubei” and “gateway of the Three Gorges”, has been an important logistics center since ancient times.Yichang port, the main inland port of China, is an important hub port of water-railway combined transportation and water-water transfer along the Yangtze River.In 1950, China established the Yichang Office of the Shipping Administration Bureau of the Central and Southern Ministry of Communications, which was renamed yichang Port Bureau in 1952 and Yichang Port Administration Bureau in 1975. The yichang Port Administration Bureau and Zhicheng Port Administration Bureau established in 1966 were both government-enterprise integrated port enterprises managed by the former Ministry of Communications.In 2003, Yichang Port Administration bureau and Zhicheng Port Administration Bureau merged and restructured to form Yichang Port Group.In July 2021, according to the work plan of Integrating port resources in Hubei Province, Yichang Port Group was incorporated into Hubei Port Group and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hubei Port Group.Yichang Port Group has a total asset of more than 1.5 billion YUAN and 15 subordinate companies. It operates and manages zhicheng Port, Baiyang Port, Yunchi Port, Yidu Port and Zui Port, with more than 30 berths, a maximum berthing capacity of 5,000 tons, an annual cargo handling capacity of more than 20 million tons and an annual container handling capacity of 500,000 TEUs.It manages yichang Linjiang Green service area, and owns two navigable anchorages, Pingshan Dam and Aijia River, and two high-horsepower tugs, yigang Tuo2036 and Yigang Tuo1001. It is responsible for the navigable dam protection of the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba in Yichang section of the Yangtze River.With the purpose of “flourishing Hong Kong and Prosperous Yi, serving the society, rewarding shareholders and developing employees”, Yichang Port accelerates the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, increases effective investment, expands the group scale, continuously improves management, and gradually develops into a multi-modal integrated logistics enterprise with the largest scale and most complete functions in the region through strategic cooperation.Tea garden “Brief History of Yichang Port” records that nine docks are floating docks, built in 1974, used for grain loading and unloading.

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