Jilin Province safety commission office on coping with snow and cooling weather safety precautions during the Spring Festival emergency notice

Changbai mountain, municipalities (state) governments management committee, changchun new district, China and South Korea (changchun) international cooperation demonstration zone management committee, various counties (city, area) people’s government, provincial committee members have closed unit, province fire rescue team, forest fire corps: according to the meteorological department forecast, expected during the Spring Festival (January 31 solstice February 6),The snow is mainly distributed in the southern and eastern areas. Haze may occur around February 1, which will have adverse effects on transportation, urban gas, ice and snow tourism, facility agriculture, fire safety and other fields.In order to prevent production safety accidents caused by secondary disasters, according to the decision-making and deployment of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, the following requirements are put forward for the safety prevention work of the province during the Spring Festival: First, to strengthen road traffic safety.Public security and transportation departments at all levels should pay close attention to key sections such as expressways, national and provincial arterial roads, viaducts, sharp bends, steep slopes, intersections and other important places, as well as important periods when people are leaving the city and returning to their hometowns, to increase police personnel and patrol vehicles.Encrypting the frequency of inspection, and taking measures such as road closure and traffic restriction in advance, temporary control of key sections and diverting and guiding vehicles when necessary to severely crack down on illegal acts such as taking people with agricultural vehicles.We will ensure the safe operation of passenger transport enterprises, remind bus and bus drivers in both urban and rural areas to drive safely and properly, and strengthen source control.Supervision of key vehicles such as “two passengers, one dangerous car, one cargo and one side” should be strengthened, and vehicles with more than seven seats should stop when necessary.Second, we will strengthen fire safety in urban and rural areas.Fire aid agencies at all levels and the public security, civil affairs, business, education, marketing and other departments to cool snow weather, with increasing of indoor heating power consumption, various HuoHuan actual situation, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, railway stations, Internet cafes, old houses, pension institutions and personnel intensive place “all-in-one”, etcInvestigation and rectification of fire safety hazards, focusing on the inspection of electrical lines, gas facilities, combustible products, etc., to prevent fire caused by overloaded electrical appliances.All localities should strengthen the safety management of setting off fireworks, seriously investigate and punish illegal acts of setting off fireworks during prohibited time and in residential areas and other prohibited places, and resolutely prevent explosion and fire accidents.Third, we will strengthen the management of urban gas safety.The departments in charge of fuel gas at all levels shall strengthen the supervision of the production, storage, transportation and use of fuel gas, strengthen the anti-freezing maintenance of all kinds of fuel gas valves and safety valves, prevent the damage of frozen blockage of fuel gas pipeline facilities, and ensure the safe and stable operation of fuel gas facilities.All localities should increase publicity to educate the public on the safe use of gas and indoor ventilation.We will urge townships (neighborhoods) and villages (communities) to implement separate coal (burning) gas insurance schemes for users, and pay special attention to key families such as elderly people living alone to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.Fourth, we will strengthen the safety of snow and ice activities.Cultural tourism, sports and other departments at all levels should strengthen the safety control of ski resorts, ice rink and other high-risk project sites, strengthen the investigation and renovation of transportation vehicles, cable cars, ropeways and other facilities and equipment hidden dangers in changbai Mountain, Chagan Lake, Fog Island, Lianhua Mountain and other key scenic spots in the province, and take measures to close scenic spots if necessary.Water conservancy, housing and construction departments, forestry and grass departments at all levels should conduct comprehensive investigations on hidden dangers in the ice of reservoirs, rivers, lakes, rivers and artificial lakes, strengthen inspection and guard, and prohibit driving and skating on dangerous ice.Fifth, we will strengthen the safety of agricultural and animal husbandry facilities.Agricultural and rural departments at all levels should organize large farmers and agricultural cooperatives to conduct comprehensive inspections on the safety risks and hidden dangers of agricultural facilities such as vegetable greenhouses, grain stacks and granaries, remove snow and ice on the roofs of sheds in a timely manner, and prevent damage to sheds or freezing of vegetables caused by rain, snow, cooling and strong winds.Animal husbandry departments at all levels should guide enterprises and farmers to strengthen livestock and poultry management, urge enterprises to do a good job in repairing and strengthening livestock sheds and protecting livestock from cold and keeping warm, so as to avoid freezing livestock and poultry death.Sixth, we will strengthen security in key areas.Local, the relevant departments to further increase supervision and inspection efforts, the establishment of a special inspection team, highlighting the construction, urban gas, mining, dangerous chemicals and other key areas of the hidden trouble investigation and management work.We should strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty duty system and information reporting system of the on-duty department, and strengthen emergency duty.We should pay close attention to extreme weather changes, consult with each other in a timely manner, and take early measures to prevent and avert disasters.Seventh, we must strengthen publicity and guidance.Local and all levels of publicity, public security, transportation, emergency departments should make full use of radio, television, newspapers, banners, LED screens, websites, SMS, wechat, Douyin and other media, timely release snow and cooling weather forecast and warning information and disaster prevention and avoidance tips, to remind the public to actively take precautions against disasters.It is necessary to strengthen the publicity and prompt of safety prevention and escape knowledge, and improve the general public’s ability of prevention and response and emergency self-rescue.Jilin Work Safety Commission Office January 30, 2022 Source: Jilin Work Safety Commission Office Editor: Han Ning Editor: Wang Tong Supervisor: Wang Lilu Chief Supervisor: Liang Hui Producer: Zhang Wanxing

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