South Korean athletes’ wiping of the podium has sparked heated online debate: Even dogs and cats play dumb

Cha Min-kyu of South Korea won a silver medal in the men’s 500m speed skating final at the Winter Olympics.However, let everyone’s astonishment is in the award ceremony after the race, Car min-kui stage before doing a wipe the podium action.This behavior soon triggered a hot discussion, not only no one sympathized with its defeat, but accused car min Kui: a cat a dog also dare to pretend, but is self-deception!A controversial move, triggered a crowd of boos, which shows its influence.Why is “wiping the podium” a public concern?The implication of this action, we should all know that The South Korean player Cha Min-kyu is “accusing” the competition is not fair, dissatisfied with the gold medal winner, that he is not lost in technology, but lost to the “rules”.But this series of behavior, did not get everyone’s recognition.Korean players were the real shame on the white rink. They were scolded many times for dirty hands, but they never corrected themselves.Many athletes were injured and even forced to retire.Such a person can stand on the podium is already “kindness”.Four years ago, the Canadian men’s short track speed skating team wiped the podium during the medal ceremony for the 5,000-meter relay at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.At that time, even the TV audience could see the foul play of The Korean team, but the referee did not see it, so the Korean team won the championship.Despite the boos, the South Korean team remained complacent.It was also the first time that the “starlight road” was created to wipe the podium.After many games, if there is an unfair situation, they will protest in this way.It may not help the result of the game, but at least show your attitude, silence is the most useless way to face unfair competition.Of course, as a confrontational sport, there can be controversial decisions, but this time south Korean player Cha Min-kyu’s move, is naked grandstanding.There was no confrontation at all in the match that South Korean cha Min-kyu took part in.The two competitors in the same group use their own track, and there is no physical confrontation. Why do you clean the podium by yourself?There should be a new set of rules for the South Korean team. Shouldn’t they be punished for such “disrespectful” behavior?It is ok to protest against injustice, and it is ok to dispute the penalty, but in the case of no dispute, to make such “protest against injustice” action, its heart can be punished.The South Korean team kept breaking the rules in big and small events, but everyone still invited South Korea and gave them the least respect, and neither Che Min-kyu nor the South Korean skating team gave this rink respect.(Article/Small tie)

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