Sports Encyclopedia: Introduction to baseball

Baseball is a team game played with a bat.The modern game of baseball originated in England in the 15th century and was invented in the United States in 1839.The International Baseball Federation (IBAF) was founded in 1938. Baseball was introduced as an Olympic demonstration sport in 1984 and as an official sport in Barcelona in 1992. It was withdrawn from the London Games in 2012 and returned to the Tokyo Games in 2020.In 1895, baseball was introduced into China, and modern celebrities such as Sun Yat-sen and Jeme Tianyou played baseball.In 1959, the first national Games after the founding of new China, 23 provinces and cities participated in the baseball competition.The Chinese Baseball Association was founded in 1979 and joined the International Baseball Federation in 1981.The baseball field is fan-shaped and the sideline length is at least 97.54 meters. Home plate extends to the outfield from second base at least 121.92 meters.Responsible editor: Wei Zhongge Yang Qingqing

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