The latest!Participants will receive liquor and scenic spots for free. This marathon of 25,000 people may be upgraded again!

Recently, the Official website of The Chinese Athletics Association released the announcement of the organizers of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Marathon trial. According to the announcement, zhongao Road Running was selected as the qualified unit of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Marathon trial.As is known to all, Sino-Olympic Road Race has run many major marathons in China, such as Beijing Marathon, Nanjing Marathon, Guangzhou Marathon, Wuhan Marathon, Huai ‘an Marathon, Beijing Half Marathon, etc., which has won the reputation of many runners.According to the China association of asa had requirements, will be held in late march or early April 2022 hangzhou Asian marathon competition, as in the first half of the current run only operating large full marathon event – jiangsu huaian marathon, will become a big probability of 2022 hangzhou Asian marathon trials, are you looking for?According to the information of the government procurement website and the summary table of Jiangsu Road Running events, the 2022 Jiangsu Huai ‘an Marathon will be held on April 17, 2022 (Sunday), with three events including marathon, half marathon and mini marathon. The total number of participants is 25,000.The event is operated by China Olympic Road Running, aiming to build a large-scale event with a scale of about 25,000 people, aiming at the “gold medal Event” of the Chinese Athletics Association and strictly following the requirements of the Chinese Athletics Association to ensure that the event is held warmly, smoothly, safely and successfully.As we all know, Jiangsu Huai ‘an Marathon was founded for the first time in 2021, and gained A good reputation once it was established. The event provides all participants with the benefits of free travel to 32 state-owned A-level scenic spots in Huai ‘an during the event, and two bottles of “Jinshiyuan Reserved Liquor” are specially given to all participants of Huai ‘an Marathon.In addition, 400 places will be allocated for direct access to Beijing Marathon, Guangzhou Marathon, Wuhan Marathon and Nanjing Marathon.In April 2022, the second Jiangsu Huai ‘an Marathon will come again, the Sino-Olympic Road Race will continue to participate in the operation, or upgrade to the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Marathon trial, 25,000 people scale, super good reputation + enthusiastic track audience + rich race supplies, are you looking forward to it?

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