Urgent police warning: Don’t touch!

“Just out of curiosity, the ‘head vape’ is like smoking a cigarette. After four or five puffs, my head starts to feel dizzy, I lose energy and I can’t walk.”This is how minor Yi (not her real name) describes her feelings after smoking an e-cigarette.Last July, a product called electronic cigarettes “above” quietly “pop” in the shaoxing shengzhou young groups, and the price is significantly higher than ordinary electronic cigarettes, it immediately attracted the attention of the police in shengzhou, secretly survey found that the electronic cigarette is nominally ordinary electronic cigarettes, but add the synthetic cannabinoid electronic smoke oil, after a lot of young people try to begin to addiction.In August 2021, shengzhou police received a clue, someone at a bar in downtown electronic cigarette smoking problem, anti-drug brigade police quickly in the investigation to the bar, found that there are young people in the electronic cigarette smoking, and after use, consistent a giggle, not wait for a phenomenon, according to the survey, they are smoking is addictive electronic cigarettes “above”.Police learned that this group of young people, including Yao, often travel in groups and stay in various hotels for a long time to smoke e-cigarettes.As the police further investigation evidence, gradually mastered the scope of the users and trafficking channels information.On September 7, 2021, shengzhou city public security bureau to carry out the unified arrests, areas of the city and, showers town, shengzhou sanjiang streets, was smoking electronic cigarettes, trafficking in above a kang, Xie Mou, yao and so on more than 30 drug-related criminal suspect, the criminal compulsory measures 13 people, and confiscate the oil smoke a electronic cigarettes “above”, through the identification,The oil contains synthetic cannabinoids.Last July, Jiang started to contact “top e-cigarettes” out of curiosity. At the same time, he learned that many friends around him were smoking e-cigarettes, and the sales profit was high. So he started to think wrong, and together with Xie, Yao and others, bought e-cigarette oil containing synthetic cannabinoids from Yang’s previous home in Hangzhou.They then sold them to Zhi and others for 400 to 600 yuan per milliliter and earned the difference.Zhi turned the oil into “top e-cigarette” bombs and distributed them to others to earn the price difference.”Many users of these ‘e-cigarettes’ are born in the 2000s or even the 2000s, and the dangers to teenagers are significant. The synthetic cannabinoids they contain are hallucinogenic, exhilarating, euphoric and lethargic, and are more addictive and harmful than regular cannabinoids.””Overdose can cause irreversible damage to the body’s cardiovascular and nervous systems, and may even lead to death,” the police said.Police have warned that “head-mounted e-cigarettes” are now wildly popular among teenagers and pose a great danger to them.Therefore, we must be careful not to harm ourselves and the society by trying to contact “e-cigarettes” out of curiosity.Please call 110 immediately if you see others taking or selling drugs.Disclaimer: if the content of the article involves the content of the work, copyright and other issues, please contact with this public number within 30 days, we will delete the content in the first time.This article is for reference only and does not constitute any investment or application advice.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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