Chongzhou to Wenjiang traffic is expected to increase bus lines

An enthusiastic citizen of Chongzhou said he was particularly concerned about the public transport in Chongzhou, especially the public transport links between Chongzhou and the second ring city of Chengdu.Therefore, I want to consult, heard that Chongzhou will open chongzhou fast rail station to Shuangliu Jiujiang North subway station rapid bus, from the answer to now has been more than half a year, I do not know when to open it?Secondly, Chongzhou to Wenjiang Fengxi 302 extension line, Chongzhou to Wansheng 302 fast line, these very good, very conducive to the public travel line, and when can open?Netizens concerned about the question has been answered by the relevant units, chongzhou will open chongzhou fast rail station to Shuangliu Jiujiangbei subway station bus rapid transit problems.Currently chung city, “difference” public transport development plans are being made to give full consideration to dart opened a worship and argument states – shuangliu nine metro bus lines in the north of the necessity, because of the cross-regional operation, need to both sides talks things over, will actively and shuangliu area transport for docking, discuss the line as soon as possible, after being related conditions are ripe, strive for an early operation.At present, Chongzhou bus No. 302 runs to Wenjiang Wansheng Subway station, seamlessly connecting with Subway Line 4, and passengers can reach Shuangliu Jiujiang North Subway station by subway transfer.On the extension line 302 from Chongzhou to Wenjiang Fengxi River.After checking, fengxihe subway station is located in Wenjiang district. Chongzhou bus has no plan to adjust the route in Wenjiang district. Passengers can take No. 302 to Wansheng Subway station and then transfer to Line 4 to Fengxi River.

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