Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are natural phenomena on earth, just like the tides in the ocean

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are natural phenomena on earth, just like the tides in the ocean.The scientific community to the cause of earthquakes, attributed to the earth between the plate collision.So what are the forces that drive the crushing collisions between the earth’s plates?Some people attributed it to the different mass of each plate, the size of the moon’s gravity is also different, the result is the plate rotation inertia momentum change caused by the drift rate of the different earthquake caused by.In fact, this is just a kind of assumption.Just as it is absurd to attribute the tides to the moon’s attraction to water.Because the moon is just a satellite of the Earth.Therefore, the attraction of the earth to the moon is far greater than that of the moon to the earth. The attraction of the moon to the Earth is so small that it cannot form an earth earthquake.To understand the causes of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, we must first understand the structure of the earth.Geoquakes can only be caused inside the earth, not outside it.It is well known that the Earth is a giant magnetic field, and any magnetic field is an electromagnetic field.So, the Earth is actually a huge electromagnetic field, which is illustrated by the fact that the Earth has north and south poles.The further reason is that all matter is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of electrons and nuclei.Nuclei are magnetic fields and electrons are electric fields.That is, an atom is a complete electromagnetic field, and the earth made up of atoms is a huge electromagnetic field.In an electromagnetic field, the magnetic field contracts and the electric field diffuses.In the earth’s electromagnetic field, when the earth’s magnetic field cools and contracts to a certain extent, the heat generated by the earth’s electric field expands and explodes, which is the real cause of all earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.It’s the same thing with thermonuclear explosions, explosive explosions, hot air balloon explosions and boiler explosions.It can be said that an earthquake is a volcanic eruption that does not erupt to the ground, while a volcanic eruption is an earthquake that erupts to the ground. There is no essential difference between the two.Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have the existence of ground sound and light is proof.However, current seismological studies have suggested that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are caused by two different causes.Earthquakes are the result of the earth’s tectonic plates squeezing together, while volcanoes are the result of magma and gas explosions.In fact, this is to know, but do not know why.The deeper causes of these two motions are the result of the thermal expansion and contraction of the earth’s electromagnetic field.Thus, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, in fact, is a regular periodic earth activity.Just because the Earth has regular earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it shows that the Earth is a living planet, if there is no earthquake and volcanic eruptions, it shows that the Earth has become a planet without electromagnetic field, a dead planet, can not grow any living things, let alone people.So earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are as normal as earth breathing.As for why earthquakes and volcanoes can form two different forms of eruption?This is due to the different structure of the earth’s crust.As for why periodic earthquakes don’t happen in the same place, volcanic eruptions generally do.That is because the energy of the deep explosion is not fully released, so it creates an irregular movement of the earth’s crust, and thus poses a great challenge to the prediction of earthquakes.A volcanic eruption is the result of a complete release of energy, so the earth’s crust is no longer moving.

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