One confirmed case was found in Chengbu County, Shaoyang, prompting the changde CDC to issue a prevention and control alert

On February 5, chengbu Miao Autonomous County in Shaoyang city found a confirmed COVID-19 case among the closely connected people who had returned to their hometowns from other provinces in centralized isolation (the activity track is attached). The case worked in the same building as the confirmed case from other provinces and has been transferred to a designated hospital in Shaoyang city for isolation and treatment.In order to scientifically and precisely prevent the epidemic and strictly prevent imported cases, Changde CDC issued the following prevention and control alerts: 1.Since January 30 have shaoyang city living in chengbu miao autonomous county, particularly with confirmed cases of activities during the trajectory intersection or been chengbu county seal centralization and control area (attached) to (return), within 14 days to high risk areas are located in the city or in the near future with indigenous cases occurred but temporarily not designated high risk area, county to (return) personnel,Immediately report to your community (village), work unit or hotel, and implement quarantine, nucleic acid testing, health monitoring and other measures in accordance with the prevention and control requirements.Any unit or individual that fails to report, conceal or falsely report COVID-19 related information or fails to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work will be held accountable in accordance with the law.2. Implementing health control.Entry personnel from other provinces are required to check communication big data travel card and Hunan residents’ health card.Frequent travelers from provinces with reported local cases (including asymptomatic infected persons) should submit negative nucleic acid test proof within 48 hours to enter SCO, take nucleic acid test again within 24 hours after arrival, and monitor their health for 14 days.Frequent travelers from provinces where no local cases (asymptomatic infected persons) have been reported before March 15, 2022, will also need to prove negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours for admission.Three, do not travel far if it is not necessary.Avoid travelling to medium-high risk areas or areas with reports of indigenous novel Coronavirus infections.If you really need to go, please report to your community (village) and work unit in advance and take good personal protection.After returning to work, report relevant information to the community (village) and work unit, and cooperate with the prevention and control measures.Be vigilant during the journey and take personal protective measures such as wearing masks, social distancing and hand hygiene at all times.Iv. Personal protection.The general public should maintain a good sense of personal protection at all times, develop the hygiene habits of carrying masks at all times, wearing masks in a scientific and standardized way (especially when taking public transport and activities in public places), washing hands frequently, ventilation often, and maintaining safe social distancing.Do not gather in groups or gather together, and advocate a healthy lifestyle.In case of fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue and other symptoms, you should wear a disposable medical mask or a mask of higher grade, go to the nearest fever clinic for diagnosis and treatment in time, and avoid taking public transportation during medical treatment.5. Timely vaccination.Vaccination against the Novel Coronavirus vaccine is the most economical, effective and convenient measure to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19. It is also the responsibility and obligation of every citizen.People who are eligible for novel Coronavirus vaccination should actively participate in novel Coronavirus vaccination and join hands to build an immune barrier for all.At about 16 o ‘clock on January 30, Shi mou and her husband Yang Mou drove back to Chengbu County from other provinces.At 1:36 in the morning of January 31, I got off the highway at Xiyan Interchange in Chengbu County, and stopped at 1:57 at the side of highway group 16 in Sanshui Village of Xiyan Town, and arrived at home in Forestry community of Rulin Town at 2:27.At 12:44 on January 31, Yang mou drive to send his father to the county county xiangxi market wangwang supermarket, near the Fusheng community recreation hair supermarket shopping, during the Yang mou has not got off, at 12:55 drive back to the community, stone and another 3 family home did not go out.On February 1, the stone family 6 did not go out, 10:58, the province will be pushed to Chengbu county as a close contact, the county will be a stone family 6 people at 16 o ‘clock on the same day for centralized isolation, and respectively on the 1, 2, 3 of the stone family 6 nucleic acid test three times, the results are negative.February 4 at 16 xu, county CDC testing, stone nucleic acid test results are positive, On February 5 0:13 by Shaoyang CDC recheck, the results are consistent.8 o ‘clock on February 5, shaoyang Chengbu Miao Autonomous County seal control area, control area and prevention area range (source: city step release) a, seal control area for The Ruolin town forestry community 13 building, Xiangxi Wangwang supermarket, Kanye hair supermarket, West rock town Sanshui village 16 group Liu home and west rock town Sanhe village 10 group Ye home.Ii. The control area is the whole area of the Forestry community of Rulin Town except the closed control area, group 16 of Sanshui Village of Xiyan Town and Group 10 of Sanhe Village of Xiyan Town.Iii. The prevention area is the whole area of Rulin Town except the sealed-controlled area and controlled area, and the whole village of Sanshui Village of Xiyan Town and Sanhe Village of Xiyan Town except the sealed-controlled area and controlled area.

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