Ten infants in the isolation ward, all cared for by nurses with “special status”?

Recently, many nurses in the isolation ward of Hangzhou Xixi Hospital have taken on a new identity: “temporary mothers”.Because they have to take care of infected infants in isolation wards 24 hours a day, one-on-one.In this round of the epidemic, fuyang District of Hangzhou, part of the confirmed cases, and an imported maternal and child living hall has been linked.At present, hangzhou Xixi Hospital has admitted a total of 10 confirmed cases of infants, the youngest of whom is only five months old.In order to take good care of these children, the hospital has developed a special program, nurses act as the children’s “temporary mother”.Li Er, deputy director of the Nursing Department of Hangzhou Xixi Hospital: We send full-time nurses to accompany us 24 hours a day, one on one, 4 hours a shift.The temporary moms we send are experienced moms, like second-child moms.At the same time, maternal and infant specialist nurses were also sent to carry out maternal and infant education and guidance here.As the children are very young, some have not been weaned.Feed milk powder, change diapers, coax sleep……Temporary mothers face many challenges every day.On average, they carry their babies nearly 20,000 steps a day in the 10-square-meter ward.Interview — Li Er, Deputy director of the Nursing Department of Hangzhou Xixi Hospital: Some of them were breast-fed, while others were powdered milk. When they were brought to the hospital, these items were not complete, and there was no food to eat, and there was no powdered milk.So what we do is we hold the baby in our arms, and we hold the baby for four hours, and some of them fall asleep, and then we hold them in our arms all the time, and we can’t put them down.Some of our mothers have gone numb from holding them.Under the care of “temporary mothers”, the babies, who had been restless because of being away from their families, gradually calmed down and were able to eat and sleep regularly.After seeing their babies eating well and sleeping soundly in the isolation ward, parents expressed their gratitude in wechat groups.Li said a head nurse in charge of the baby kept answering questions to the mothers in wechat groups. They asked to take videos of their babies sleeping, eating and doing treatment, and reported to them every day.These children after several days of hospitalization are relatively stable emotional state.Some of the children have developed good relationships with the nurses.Source: Jingshi News Editor: Xu Li

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