Apple’s iOS device performance ranking: No surprise, iPhone 13 didn’t make the list

Apple last month updated two of its mobile devices, the iPad Air 5 and iPhone SE 3, not counting the new color palette of the iPhone 13 series.The iPad Air 5 is powered by the same M1 chip as the iPad Pro 2021, while the iPhone SE 3 is powered by the A15 bionic chip.So how do these two products perform?You may know a thing or two from the latest ranking of Apple iOS devices released by Antutu.The iPad Pro 5 Series + iPad Air 5 ranked no. 1, as expected, with the iPad Pro 5 at 12.9 inches and the iPad Pro 5 at 11 inches.The latest iPad Air 5, also powered by the M1 chip, ranks third.For these three products, many students will be confused when choosing.The screen size of the iPad Air 5 is 10.9 inches. The screen and body size are close to the iPad Pro 5’s 11 inches.So if you prefer a larger screen, go for the iPad Pro 5 at 12.9 inches;If mobile portability is more important, the iPad Pro 5 11-inch and iPad Air 5 are more suitable.The second is demand and budget. In terms of experience, the main difference between these three models lies in the screen. IPad Pro 5 12.9 is the best, which adopts Mini-LED and supports 120Hz high brush.The 11-inch iPad Pro 5 comes in second with high-brush support.The iPad Air 5 has nothing.With a sufficient budget, the higher the configuration, the better, but for most students, iPad Air 5 is actually enough, and it is also a cost-effective choice.The latest list of Apple’s most powerful iOS devices comes as a bit of a surprise, as only the Pro version of the iPhone 13 series made the list, leaving the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini out of the list.Apple’s latest iPhone SE 3 also failed to make the list.Speaking of the rankings, iPhone 13 Pro Max ranked fifth and iPhone 13 Pro ranked sixth, both of which are 6GB + 1TB storage versions.The iPad Pro 3 is 12.9 inches, the iPad Pro 4 is 12.9 inches, the iPad Pro 4 is 11 inches, the iPad Mini 6 is 11 inches, and the iPad Pro 3 is 11 inches.The corresponding rankings are fourth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth.It must be said here, A12X YYDS.IPad Mini 6 also ushered in the price, 256GB version of the hand price dropped to 4299 yuan, cost-effective is still good.If you like to play games, read comics and read books, the iPad Mini 6 is a great choice.The iPhone SE 3, the cheapest A15 device and the cheapest 5G iPhone, has not made the list.As a result, Apple seems to be planning to cut production.On the other hand, the iPhone SE 3 May also be apple’s fastest and most aggressive phone price cut.These are the details of the latest apple iOS device performance rankings released by Ann Tutu.Apple doesn’t have any more mobile product launches until September, so it’s safe to assume that the performance list won’t change significantly in the coming months.So, of the 10 models mentioned above, are you currently using any?How do you feel?

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