Fa Zheng was not only liu Bei’s first adviser, but also his great matchmaker

It is said that Zhuge Liang was liu Bei’s first adviser.Not really!According to various historical materials, Liu Bei’s first adviser should be Fazheng!Fa Zheng and Fa Xiaozhi were not only the chief advisors of Liu Bei, but also the matchmakers of Liu Bei.As a counselor, Fa Zheng made immortal contributions to Liu Bei’s final conquest of Yizhou, stabilization of Yizhou, and conquest of Hanzhong.As the matchmaker, Fa Zheng persuaded Liu Bei to marry Wu Yi’s sister as his wife in order to win the support of Wu Yi, an important general of Dongzhou, and wu Ban’s family after Liu Bei occupied Yizhou.But Liu Bei considered wu shi liu Yan third son, Liu Zhang three elder brother Liu MAO’s widow, and their own and liu MAO compatriots that hesitation, the regular advice: “on the relationship between far and near, where there is jin Wengong and son take (Jin Wengong heavy ear nephew) close?”So Liu Bei took Wu as his wife and later made her the Princess of Hanzhong and the first empress of the Shu Han dynasty.As wu Yi and cousin Wu Ban, shu Han dynasty established the Han Horse credit;In the middle of liu Chan after the succession of the two officers were also to checheng general and general Hussar, and the township, it can be said that the scenery is infinite, a very person minister.

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