In Dongdu Garden, I met the enthusiasm of “With you Rongyan”

Wandering in lu Yuan, actually want to go to Xi Pu.At the end of Ming Dynasty, Qian Qianyi, the leader of donglin, was a person of Xi pu in Luyuan.Qian Qianyi’s life experience is complex and rich, in the late Ming and early Qing political and social stage, if he claimed second, no one dared to say first.Qian Qianyi story, more than one or two.The turn after old clear answer bright bright again bright, cannot let a person forget the expression when clear person enters Beijing eventually, forget he and wife Liu ru silk make an appointment with martyred country, because water cool lived the joke that comes down.Rather than brothel born liu so, but have integrity have courage have courage.Pingshan Hall zhenzhen Master memorial Hall is difficult to evaluate qian Qianyi’s life, a good analysis of Liu So.Different life experience, different understanding of life.After qian Qianyi’s death, the qian family’s behavior to Liu is like this. It’s not strange to look back at qian Qianyi’s contradictory way of doing things.Instead, Yoo answered “respect” and “wisdom” with her life!Haepu did not go.I don’t have much time. I want to spend more time in deer Park.I never thought I’d find something.I saw a brown sign with “Dongdu Garden” written on it.The first thing that comes to mind is Master Jianzhen.Echocardiography is not as good as action, go to the Dongdu field to see, whether or not jianzhen Dongdu memorial.Haven’t arrived dongdu garden, far to see a tall archway.It’s easier when you have a goal.Into the archway, a group of imitation tang architecture, as yangzhou Pingshan Hall jianzhen Memorial Hall.It turned out that this was the place where Master Jianzhen successfully set sail for the sixth time.Eastbound, worthy of its name!Dongdu Garden, there is a statue of master Jianzhen.The statue looks serene, almost the same as the pingshan Hall in Yangzhou, with a slight gloss on the forehead of wisdom.Can’t help but generate a sense of familiarity and intimacy.There is no mistake. This statue has a long history with Yangzhou. It was presented by Daming Temple in Yangzhou in 1996.Yangzhou Jianzhen Lecture Hall, a Long corridor of Tang culture, engraved with many songs and poems of Jianzhen master.Its title is signed not only by the Emperor of Japan, but also by tang Ming Huang, the famous romantic emperor of the Tang Dynasty.Jianzhen’s eastward journey, like Xuanzang’s westward journey, was a personal act, not an official appointment.It is very strange to see tang Ming Huang’s poems and articles on this matter for the first time.Past the memorial hall and across the Dongdu Bridge, a large ship in imitation of the Tang Dynasty stands tall at the water’s edge.It is said that Jianzhen successfully completed his sixth voyage to the east on a Japanese envoy ship of similar shape, size and size.This space is the main filming site for CCTV’s 2005 TV series “Jian Zhen Dong Du”.It turned out that the ship was a prop for filming.After the mission is completed, it will be left for tourists to admire with emotion and make full use of everything.Dongdu Garden, composed of memorial hall and rear garden.The rear garden, called the lounge area, is an elaborate garden.The whole Memorial hall of Dongdu Garden is elegant and quiet.The Bridges and pavilions during the scattering period are no different from jiangnan gardens.It’s good to sit in the garden and feel the strong cultural flavor in the air.Recall the Jianzhen Dongdu wharf in Yangzhou.Jianzhen a total of six times to prepare for the sea, one of the first three times, was informed against the court, framed failed to travel;For the second time, he encountered a shipwreck in the sea, and for the fourth time, his disciples worried about his safety and asked the government to intercept him and gave up halfway.The fifth encounter big waves, the ship arrived at Hainan.Only for the sixth time, he met the Japanese envoys, and finally arrived in Japan, which he had been longing for all his life, to spread the Chinese civilization.Pagoda Bay in Yangzhou, the pagoda is still reflected in the ancient canal.Master Jianzhen, boarded a ship here.The guazhou ancient crossing is not only about Bai Juyi’s poem “Bianshui Flow, Sishui flow and ancient Guazhou ferry”, but also about Du Shiniang’s angry jump to the Yangtze River, and Jian Zhen’s yearning to go to sea from here.The setting sun, calm Yangtze River water, still remember the negative ideal of the monk, hard to rush about?More than 1,000 years later, a memorial hall for jianzhen Master was built in Pingshan Hall in Yangzhou.The shape of the memorial hall, according to the style of the Japanese Tang Zhaodi Temple.It is said that Tang Zhaoti Temple was designed by Master Jianzhen himself.In other words, the Daming Temple in Yangzhou during the Tang Dynasty was the shape of the Tang Zhaoti Temple.Further speaking, the Daming Temple True Appreciation Memorial Hall and dongduyuan Memorial Hall in Yangzhou are a miniature of Tang Dynasty Chinese temples.After master Jianzhen arrived in Japan, he was not only received by the emperor and his wife, but also accepted his teachings and became his disciples.Tell me about an incident at play.Dongdu Garden visitor center, want to find the relevant introduction.A female comrade is very enthusiastic hand out “dongdu garden scenic spot brief introduction”.Perhaps because of my accent, a gay man asked curiously where we were from.His eyes lit up when he learned it was Yangzhou.Then he walked out of the workshop and accompanied us to the archway before returning.I didn’t recognize the Yangzhou flavor in his accent.Dongdu Garden play a circle, back to the gate of the visitor center.The gay man came out of the house again and invited us in for a cup of tea.Stranger, embarrassed to accept an invitation, harried him, thanked him again and again and said goodbye.Naturally, I also invited him to visit Yangzhou and see the Daming Temple and Pingshan Hall.Dongdu Garden, is true to realize the ideal of setting sail.It is therefore called “blessed land, treasure land and auspicious land”.But HERE I harvest a love, dongdu Yuan people to yangzhou people’s love.When you think about it, it makes sense!

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