Life chant (New rhymes poetry)

Self-description: Smiling at the dusk, the sun is quiet, I have not noticed that I have become white King of the South join the queue Attend to farming duties guard the border of the North Sea royal enemy take care of goods by the rule of iron leisure, watch the weather by going against the tide since I overplayed my poetry and prose, the sea has been surging with a trickle. (In 1968, I went to the countryside to join the queue at nanwangtun.Transferred to bank in 1993) summerDay of the summer to catch dragonflies LAN mirror sighs whitehead weng is a Na cloud light traveler rod end when leaning will sigh the fireflies chat first away years new poetry on the screen when screen despite my hectic RongJi hover long trumpeter borrow dream into the lattice island country home in the fog the outside color red, the inflammation peony Yu Yingchun not far rose full courtyard summer current red cherry shyly hid agate green apricots frivolous agent keep buford fence I wish here looks on fighters mountain temples mixed by speakingMaterial garden self-raised trees heavy results enjoy flowers enjoy food free many kinds of vegetables lack of fat want to raise pigs if cock sing no longer guess sunrise tao Forget current events in the cottage spring sleep foot graffiti often write a mountain wild a village husband Sang Yu old cow is different from the old year, not to be raised since couragou.Is there a nurse before the school, a cook before the kitchen?Square dazzle dance surprised Hua Xia, foreign land to throw money appalling zhuyi.Slow sangyu sunset evening, sangyu not bathe in the dawn?Life life is better than the four seasons color from our young children love wrestling show MOE elderly don’t quit everything but on vernal sunshine more permit sing Christmas morning evening shine proffering flaming worship of wenchang fruits and vegetables for disc sweet unknown to several measures of reading a Shang learn contented smile to make a toast RuanLang writing long miles along the popular writing spanning the wind Zheng profusion feelings ten thousand kinds, graceful half empty line.Levitate though wish, fly to borrow the wind.Strut your stuff, bow down to my leash.The eagle travels thousands of miles.And friends chrysanthemum poetry manchu chrysanthemum mo wave kua, this flower after fear no flowers.Intentions only when the party early, lift eyes to know the day has slanted.Migratory birds to nature in, Petra look forward to love.All the flowers and willows are mine.Note :(don.Liu Fangping.Autumn night rafting poem: “old China empty after night, homesickness unbearable sorrow.”Pet dog also.Domestic chihuahua a, a baby, often with around.Xijiang month. Look at the sea old from inadvertently make idle to bore out sailing race at large on the other side looking back to young up graffiti scroll up years lies concealed diffuse paper far coquettish but the morning afterglow untitled commands from a online session and bean rossonero cloud view like east wind win after all risk potential than red and blue confrontation can be friend or foe clash to shu square five road show kongming nature for a walk in the intermittent cooling fluttering autumn yellow leavesIn front of the air to ground harvest busy side wall books in the wilderness scratch my head up psalms old to brilliant do smile smile Jiang Lang farm and wind brush may favor and thorn into their bags soft thin leaf brushed weeping willow green apricot pink sakura agent grate wall FeiCai stream raging huan female cloud valley flood tooth grass to the sheep at the beginning of the old cow cultivation debt cycle lie in the setting sun yuan RMB in the now evening what evening comes at a time when the sky dark grey rain continuous memory friend miss ancestors, Yin and Yang are two dreamsPeace in heaven, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life, peace in life.Linhai idle listen to fishing song, love to sing the wind song by boat.Pushing mountains and moving mountains and strong ambition, such as ice like jade tenderness.The origin of the red sun is half flame and half wave.Note: Dongshan means to join the army.Out of the book of Songs. Secluded wind. Dongshan, I resist Dongshan, not to……Self see, in this three years.The beginning of Winter has a feeling of different scenery throughout the year, and the hot and cool into the five.Seek the shadow of the crane with the rod mountains, and find the magic of the ship vast.Chrysanthemum month learning pottery, play snow in front of the children.Since life is uncertain, plain and light the most relaxed.Old twilight do not feel small major cold, and a year.Snow case full of poetry, cold canggu wine.Have a heart to swim vast, unable to pull river boat.Evening what hope, tao Ran half acre garden.Where is the winter solstice?The rose is open in front of the court.Jiangcheng should rain and snow, glue Macao haze.The horn sounds, the cold window looks beautiful.A toast to the old, a thousand miles to laugh together.

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