Mother’s Happy Year will be broadcast on THE 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, showcasing the beauty of Yunnan

Late January 31, 2022, the central radio and television reception desk, the CPC yunnan provincial party committee propaganda department of Dali, lijiang municipal party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China, the Chinese communist party committee propaganda department jointly taken to assist the mother’s years of happiness, a stunning appearance “2022” the central radio and television reception desk Spring Festival gala, presented the natural beauty of yunnan, customs beauty and harmonious beauty.Happy year of the mother to mother and daughter emotion as a link, to be home for Spring Festival scene, through the realistic life of details, portray the mother image of vivid and moving, with warm image, reflects the mother to daughter always miss, and children of every drifting in the outside to the mother, who was sentimentally attached to…On our daughters’ journey home, we saw a moderately prosperous society in all respects, rural revitalization, and national prosperity…From the snow mountain to the plain, from the snow to the hot, from the vast to the market……”Mother’s Happy Year” yunnan Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang old town, Dali Shaxi ancient town, there are mysterious, lively, peaceful.In the picture, whether on the way home after the snow mountains, grasslands, lakes, forests, or the old man basking in the sun of the square street, bustling old courtyard, or the simple village, smoke curling in the countryside……All show the unique charm of yunnan’s beautiful scenery.At the same time, the film also shows the audience the colorful ethnic culture of Yunnan.Through the lens, the audience through Yunnan, not only understand the beauty of different regions of Yunnan, but also for the different ethnic minorities for the grand customs and marvel, a delicious food dense with thick flavor of old home……Many warm scenes together to build the ethnic unity, harmony and prosperity of the New Year picture.It is understood that the public service advertisement of “Mother’s Happy Year” will be broadcast worldwide on The eve of The Spring Festival Gala on January 31, 2022. Besides, it will also be made into micro-films and other versions, which will be broadcast on 17 OPEN-circuit CHANNELS of CCTV from the first day to the 16th day of the first month. Please pay reporter Liu Jiatong Li Sidawen photo from “Mother’s Happy Year” screenshots

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