Ningbo cherry, these three “limited powder” is about to go online, feel the breath of spring

Now is the heat of the plum blossom, everyone is concerned about the plum blossom at the same time, early cherry has quietly blossomed, pink and tender “Chinese red”, bell flower cherry, “hanging branch cherry” and other early cherry like to replace the plum blossom in full bloom, such a school of spring scene, many visitors have felt the breath of spring.Speaking of Baidu Village, we are certainly not familiar with it. It is our ignorance that makes this secret place more mysterious. There are few people and it is quiet.It is located on the left side of the road from the village to the cemetery. If there are any villagers, please ask them the direction to the cemetery.After surviving the winter and repacking the way of camping, finally ushered in the warm spring travel light.If you’re afraid to go to the cemetery, call your funny girl friend and share “quiet” tea time.Xu Fu Yan step cloud valley to Xu Fu Yan road can go Hu Xi line, you can pass the Siming bridge.The cherry blossoms on siming Bridge are not as delicate as those planted in the park, they are like stubbornly standing in the panshan road, blooming gorgeously, soft with hard.Early cherry trees are smaller than late cherry trees, so you can park your car at the viewing platform of Siming Bridge and watch the wild cherry blossoms on the hillside opposite the Ten-mile cliff that have dyed the whole hillside red.From this Angle, you can see the Xufuyan Waterfall on the other side, and you can even see the glass walkway hanging from the cliff. It’s amazing.In fact, in a different Angle from xu Fu Yan glass boardwalk can also see the scenery on the cloud valley, if you want to be a little bolder can also try to climb flying lada, that is, the rock wall rock climbing, feel walking in the cliff.Speaking of cherry blossom park cherry blossoms have to say or cherry blossom park, cherry blossom park cherry varieties than Japanese dyed well Yoshino sakura half a month in advance, about, looking at early sakura in the rainy cold spring first blossoming branches, can if hanging river, inadvertently has been it to the amazing.Under the cherry tree is not only wearing JK clothes, in fact, wearing Hanfu also has a unique flavor.Cherry blossom, so romantic and full of ritual feeling into the beauty of immersion of the national wind, will be a good record of spring time, no problem desktop background picture.

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