Overnight outside: The United States three major index collective closed up nasdaq rose 3.4% new energy vehicle stocks up

The S&P 500 closed up 83.70 points, or 1.89%, at 4515.55 after losing 5.26% in January.The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 406.39 points, or 1.17 percent, to 35131.86, after losing 3.32 percent for the month.The Nasdaq composite index rose 469.31 points, or 3.41 percent, to 14239.88 after losing 8.98 percent in January.On the disk, new energy vehicle stocks rose, Nio rose more than 17%, Tesla rose more than 10%, Xiaopeng motor rose more than 9%;Popular Chinese stocks surged, with Baidu and Alibaba up more than 9%, Bilibili up 15.55%, and Pinduoduo up more than 12%.European markets: The FTSE 100 Stock Average closed at 7,464.37 points, down 1.70 points, or 0.02%, at the close of Trading in London Monday, with major indexes mixed.The CAC40 index in Paris closed at 6,999.20 points, up 33.32 points or 0.48 percent.In Frankfurt, Germany, the DAX index rose 152.25 points, or 0.99 percent, to close at 15,471.20.Commodity markets: Oil prices rose on Monday, with U.S. and brent futures hitting seven-year highs. WTI Crude for March delivery closed up $1.33, or 1.53%, at $88.15 a barrel, up 17.26% for January.Brent crude for March delivery ended up $1.18, or 1.31 percent, at $91.21 a barrel, after rising about 17.25 percent in January, the biggest gain in at least 30 years.International gold prices fell, with Comex gold futures for April delivery up $9.80, or nearly 0.6 percent, to settle at $1,796.40 an ounce by the close.Gold futures fell 1.8% in January.Here’s a roundup of key global market news: Overnight highlights a warning from the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund:Investors face years of low returns as rising interest rates weigh on US stocks and bonds as soaring inflation becomes more permanent, the chief executive of Norway’s Sovereign wealth fund has warned.Finally!SONY announced its $3.6 billion acquisition of game developer Bungie as an “independent subsidiary” of SIE, governed by a board of directors composed of current CEO and Chairman Pete Parsons and the rest of the studio’s current management team.SONY’s move indicates that game platforms have entered the race to acquire game developers.It’s worth noting that several market analysts are currently predicting Electronic Arts (EA) as the most likely target for SONY, followed by Ubisoft entertainment.The game industry’s “cash power” race may just be beginning.Goldman Sachs: “Technical signals for the February short squeeze are flashing as people prepare for a market crash!”A surge in demand for put options, a rise in short positions in gamma, the market maker, and a lack of liquidity, or the “three mountains” on the way up.The market may still be structurally downward in early February, but the basis for short covering has also been formed.A short squeeze is difficult, but a February rally is not out of the question.Tax havens a thing of the past?The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Finance announced on Monday (Jan 31) that it will impose a federal corporate tax on corporate profits for the first time from June 1, 2023. The rate will be kept low at around 9% to keep it attractive to businesses.All three major U.S. stock indexes closed higher on Monday, with the Dow up 1.17%, the Nasdaq up 3.41% and the S&P 500 up 1.89%.On the day, tech and airline stocks rose, with Tesla up more than 10% and Apple up more than 2%.For the month, the Dow is down more than 3%, the S&P 500 is down more than 5% and the Nasdaq is down nearly 9%.London (Marketwatch) — The FTSE 100 Stock Average closed at 7,464.37 points, down 1.70 points, or 0.02%, at the close of trading on Monday.The CAC40 index in Paris closed at 6,999.20 points, up 33.32 points or 0.48 percent.In Frankfurt, Germany, the DAX index rose 152.25 points, or 0.99 percent, to close at 15,471.20.New energy vehicle stocks rose across the board on Monday, with Nio Auto up more than 17%, Xiaopeng Automobile up more than 9% and Ideal Automobile up more than 8%.Other Chinese stocks saw Pindoduo up nearly 13%, Alibaba and Baidu up more than 9%, JD up nearly 8%, Dada up nearly 19%, NetEase Youdao up more than 17%, Zhihu and IQiyi up more than 16%, Bilibili and Shell up more than 15%, Jinshan Cloud up more than 14%, Vipshop up more than 13%, Huya up more than 12%, Tencent Music up more than 10%.NetEase rose more than 7%, while Didi and 51Talk recorded declines.Block chain concept stocks rose, Jiannan technology up more than 14%, the9 city up more than 11%, Thunderbolt up more than 7%.Large-cap tech stocks rose more than 11%, Netflix rose more than 11%, Amazon, Meta Platforms rose nearly 4%, Apple rose more than 2%, And Google rose more than 1%.Tesla rose more than 10% after news that more than 5,200 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 cars were waiting to be loaded at Shanghai’s Luchao port.Chip stocks rose as a group, with Anson Semiconductor up nearly 10%, Cyrx, AMD and NXP Semiconductor up more than 8%, Nvidia and GMC up more than 7%, Qualcomm up more than 5%, AsML up 5%, Citaxion and Broadcom up more than 4%, micron Technology and Stmicroelectronics up more than 3%.(Article source: Oriental Wealth Research Center) Follow the wechat public account of Oriental Wealth and push authoritative and professional financial information to you every day!

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