During the epidemic, touching stories between children and “mothers” in this welfare home in Nan ‘an…

58 of quanzhou, quanzhou on client on April 5 (quanzhou evening news reporter Chen Ling Huang Genghuang correspondent Li Huiqiong) since March 14, nanan social welfare center all closed management, 14 staff with 18 in school children eat to live, day tour in jobs, stick with your heart, with love to caress, with “mother”, the warm love,An “umbrella” to protect orphaned and disabled children.Unlike the “battlefield” outside, the hospital was filled with warmth and smiles.In the morning, the child, nicknamed “Little Spot”, saw Aunt Zhuo come in and circled around her.”Xiao Budian” with multiple diseases, has been pulled back from the line of death many times, before each illness in hospital, Aunt Zhuo volunteered to take care of.From stimulating and training him to eat milk by mouth, to touching and massaging his limbs, and to training him to walk alone, aunt Zhuo is involved in all of them.Although he can’t speak, his actions show that he considers Zhuo auntie as his closest person.Aunt Zhuo is nearing retirement age, and her family also hopes that she can return to her home and enjoy happiness as soon as possible. But she always says that a smile and a look from her children are the motivation for her to keep going.Child-care workers like Zhuo are working hard. Most of the children living in welfare homes have physical defects, including blindness and cerebral palsy. It takes more time and energy to take care of them.They should do a good job of personal hygiene and feeding for the children in the hospital every day, and turn over and massage the children in bed regularly.In all these years, because of their care, not a single child has ever had a bedsore or smelled anything.Especially during the closure period, they also need to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, take temperature measurements for each child three times a day and keep records to ensure their safety.For children in welfare institutions, learning knowledge is the only way to enter society or family in the future.During the COVID-19 lockdown, Preschool teacher Chen was as busy as ever. She had to go to the study room at 7:30 every day to debug her computer and prepare for online classes for six children from different schools and grades.She leads them to sports during recess, helps them with homework after class and teaches general knowledge during recess to 10 children who are not in school.In order to teach her children to recognize shapes, she specially made teaching AIDS, cutting pieces of paper into various shapes, and each hand has a copy.Naughty FANG (pseudonym) every time write always fast, “tianshu” generally let a person do not understand.Chen teacher will leave her alone, hand in hand to teach her to write, homemade word puzzle card, let a Fang to learn to have more interest.In terms of sports and sports, Xiao Wu and Xiao Lin help the children to set up sports and sports classes, using basketball stands, small track, table tennis and other sports facilities, according to the children’s specialty and interest points to teach students in accordance with their aptitude.Cleaners clean and disinfect common areas and children’s living areas at 5:30 every day. “I have to finish my tasks before the children wake up, so that they can see a comfortable and clean environment for the first time.”The epidemic is merciless and people have feelings. Instead of being passive and slack due to closed management, every staff member in the welfare center stayed together day and night to help and encourage each other, which increased everyone’s confidence and determination to win the battle against the epidemic.Source: Quanzhoutong client

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