Establish local standards to ensure food safety

Urumqi Evening News All Media news (reporter Wang Xuan) In recent years, the capital through the formulation of rigorous food safety standards, improve the whole process from farmland to table food safety risk control ability, further improve the quality and safety of the whole food chain guarantee level.On February 9, the reporter learned from the city food safety Office, the city market Supervision Bureau, in order to strengthen the food safety awareness of food operators, standardize food business behavior,The capital has issued 5 municipal local standards such as “small dining table” management standards, “Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens canteen food safety management standards”, “Food workshop management standards”, “Nang Production Enterprise management standards”, “collective dining distribution unit management standards” and so on.Guidance of urumqi food service industry association to develop the agriculture (livestock) in urumqi’s food safety management code for the agriculture (animal husbandry) knorr hierarchies in urumqi and the industry standard, the two groups to fill the gaps in zhuhai food place standard, established the basic requirements of the city’s food safety, increase the emergency disposal, complaint handling related content,The whole process management requirements have been realized, which has a strong guiding significance and normative role in the implementation of enterprise main body responsibility and regulatory responsibility.City food Ann, director of the office, city market supervision bureau party secretary oasis is introduced, the current our city to create national food safety demonstration city into the key stage, these standards for relevant food raw materials, auxiliary materials, appearance, nutrient elements, additives, microbial indicators made detailed provisions, such as basic institutional guarantee for food safety.According to reports, through the implementation of these standards, the benefit of the people’s livelihood continues to appear, the city’s more than 600 primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) canteen all achieve the “Internet + bright kitchen kitchen bright stove”, the school around the small table shows a reduction in the number, quality improvement of the good situation, the campus food safety has been very well guaranteed.

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