New Year’s Eve is on the 29th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar. Remember “don’t do four things, don’t eat two things”, the year of the Tiger

The twinkling of an eye, at the Spring Festival, the year of the ox on December 30, due to the previous year and this year is to keep gold head, so this year, the year of the tiger no month, 30, is the twelfth month of the lunar 29 is the annual New Year’s eve of the Spring Festival, after enters the twelfth month, feel time is too fast, soon to the New Year’s eve, celebrating the Spring Festival is our country, together happy life,For the New Year’s Eve this day, meaning the spring na fu, good luck, there are a lot of folk pay attention to and say, is “don’t do four things, don’t eat two things”?One, New Year’s Eve this day not to do “four things” to the twelfth lunar month, is to prepare for the New Year’s Eve this day, according to people’s traditional customs and habits, is not to do the following four things.1, not slaughtered livestock and poultry in the New Year’s eve this day, according to the customs, traditions, and cannot be slaughtered livestock and poultry, the annual New Year’s eve this day, is the day when the whole family happy reunion, on this day won’t be able to kill pig to kill sheep, don’t kill the chicken, because kill chicken’s annual lunar calendar, New Year’s eve this day not to kill, kill very unlucky.On the 26th day of the twelfth lunar Month, meat and other ingredients are prepared a few days before the twelfth lunar month, rather than on the New Year’s Eve, to kill cows, sheep and pigs, because in the New Year’s Eve this day, is a process, so according to the custom, in the New Year’s Eve this day is not slaughtered livestock and poultry.After closing the door, do not garbage, do not sweep the floor.In the annual New Year’s eve that day, families are going to do a thing to do is stick spring shade, hanging lanterns, stick curtain spring is the folk belief is called “FengMen”, also known as the “close”, is the meaning of the family, in front of the stick couplets on the Spring Festival should be two things, is the home of the clean health, stick to clean the door of the Spring Festival couplets and then after the family home,Can begin to paste Spring Festival couplets, when pasting Spring Festival couplets, there can be no family members outside, can not “seal” people outside.After affix Spring Festival couplets, do not have to sweep the floor, according to tradition, if the annual New Year’s eve to day to sweep the floor, is the home of the property to sweep out, so no have the effect of winter jasmine nana blessing, a thriving business, perhaps some people will ask, “always put new peach in old operator”, down the goalkeeper couplet?You can put it in your home and dump the garbage after the second day of the lunar New Year.3 ever-burning lamps should have in the New Year’s eve, New Year’s eve home this evening, according to the folk tradition is to drive away nian, let the beast can’t come to the house, and the best way to drive away nian is fireworks and lights, nian is afraid of firecrackers and light, so in the annual New Year’s eve this day be ever-burning lamps, which is able to is folk said, “in addition to the special”To get rid of the year’s dirty and bad luck, to meet the blessing, luck, wealth come in, so in the New Year’s Eve this night, home to have a long light, can not appear in the dark.Solution is in front of the door hang lanterns, festival and the traditional festival atmosphere, red lanterns hanging in front of the door, the thriving Chinese Spring Festival, in the evening, the light of the lantern can drive away nian, kill two birds with one stone, if the annual New Year’s eve the day bright lights, and the significance of this year, the prospect one be bright, good fortune will continually come in.4, don’t quarrel with people, not bad luck in the New Year’s eve this day, is a family reunion, happy auspicious days, in the day time, no matter what ideas, what are the contradictions, also must endure, don’t quarrel with others, also don’t say not lucky words, not to mention inspiring words, want to vomit a fragrance, if there is the dishes broke, say happiness peace,Year after year, peace and happiness.Two, do not eat two things on New Year’s Eve this day, in the eating method is also very exquisite, now our living standard is getting better and better, on New Year’s Eve this day do not eat two food.1, do not eat porridge in the annual New Year’s eve this day, the family for a meal, the meal is the family reunion happy meal, so this is the day to eat porridge or cooked porridge, is not on the table, can let a person jokes, after all do not have enough to eat wear not warm days gone, porridge or eat porridge, this is to let people think this is the symbol of poverty,This is not enough to eat in the past, because in the past there was no surplus food, can only add some water in rice, used to eat porridge to fill the stomach, for the present era, obviously is not possible to appear such a day, so in the New Year’s Eve this day is not to eat porridge.2, don’t eat pickles, of course, that there are a lot of people may not understand, think annual New Year’s eve this day to eat a little pickle also have no what, in traditional folk parlance, if eat pickles and annual New Year’s eve this day, there is “eating bran swallow food”, now the society, is not be eating bran swallow food of this kind of situation,Maybe some people say that I just want to eat a little pickles under the rice, of course, to now pickles is a kind of food, not to say that rice is not enough to eat.So we New Year’s Eve this day, try not to eat pickles, because New Year’s Eve this day is to welcome the Spring Festival blessing, make a fortune, hope in the New Year’s revenue, everything goes well, and the members of the food is very rich, pickles although not on the table.At this wonderful moment of national celebration and family reunion, I wish you a happy Spring Festival in advance, a happy family, everything goes well, happiness and health!Tomorrow is New Year’s eve, can break hard for a year, family reunion together, stick to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, rich and delicious dinner prepared one by one, to a happy family, and everything goes well, for those old tradition, make a understanding, there is such a saying and meaning, not far-fetched, will goes well, do you think am I right?Feel free to join us in the comments section.

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