Obsessed with studying bonsai shop owner caught stealing

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) (correspondent Li Wei) On February 14, nanzhang County Public Security Bureau chengguan police station police arrested a suspected thief li mou.It is reported that Li is a shop owner, but because of stealing bonsai was caught.February 9, Nanzhang County public Security Bureau chengguan police station received wang report, said he placed in the door of the three bonsai trees were stolen.Police rushed to the scene in a timely manner, after a large number of visits to the investigation work, police master Li mou has a great suspect.On February 14, the police in li’s shop will be captured.After checking, Li mou usually operate a shop, business prosperous, usually love to study bonsai planting, accidentally found wang Mou’s bonsai of lang Elm, very like, then go astray.According to the clues provided by Li, the police found the stolen lang Yu bonsai, and timely captured its associates Liu mou.At present, the case is being further handled.

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