You know what?Alafyo snacks is more profitable this way

Everyone loves snacks. I remember when I was little, every day I wanted to eat a little snacks. Now, there are so many varieties of snacks, and I can eat what I want.In recent years, the rise of snack brands, such as the Japanese imported food Nomura Patty, are doing very well, indicating that the market environment for opening snack shops is also getting better and better.People are making money, and of course spending on snacks is slowly increasing.Nowadays, with children as the main consumer groups of food more and more, children’s meals outside the food cost has become one of the family’s important expenditure items, and children’s food in children’s diet accounted for more and more.It is understood that children’s food is scattered in dairy products, sugar products, baked products, snacks, drinks, canned food, puffed food and many other fields.As the variety of children’s food becomes more and more abundant, parents become more and more confused when choosing (buying) food for children: because there is no strict definition of children’s food and adult food, many parents are often at a loss when choosing food for their children.While many brightly colored and cartoon food packages are popular with parents and children, in fact, they are not always suitable for children.Now some so-called children’s food additives exceed the standard phenomenon is very serious, such as excessive artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, these additives are easy to harm children’s liver, kidney, blood system.There are a lot of puffed food, children long-term consumption will cause oil, heat inhalation high, fine fiber inhalation insufficient, but also affect children’s normal diet, resulting in a variety of nutrition can not be guaranteed and supply, prone to malnutrition.On the other hand, our children and teenagers enter the consumption period early, have considerable pocket money in hand, and know how to spend it.The average pocket money of teenagers in big cities in China is 76,5 yuan per month, and the main flow of pocket money is snacks and cultural goods.Therefore, to open a small supermarket or store specializing in children’s food, to guide and help children’s snack consumers to choose (buy) leisure food, is a good win-win, with broad prospects for the development of entrepreneurial way ~

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