Comprehensive law enforcement bureau to rectify post-holiday market operation order

In order to restore the normal market operation order in time, on February 15, Liangdang County comprehensive law enforcement bureau concentrated personnel, inside and outside the market and xuanhuan Road stalls for the Spring Festival to carry out a comprehensive cleaning and rectification, by issuing notices, cleaning up garbage, rectification order, chengguan farmers market now back to normal operation order.First, 25 notices were issued to stall owners to remove umbrella sheds, clean up sundry and return to their original positions within a specified time limit, requiring all goods, umbrella sheds, sundry, garbage and stones to be removed in the afternoon of the 15th day of the first lunar month, and placed in corresponding areas according to market management regulations to maintain the normal order of market stalls.Second, unified arrangement, detailed division of labor, the organization staff, vehicles to the market inside and outside and overhead road booths for centralized rectification, the rectification in market management personnel 5 people, law enforcement personnel 12 people, sanitation workers 7 people, 3 car, truck demolition of calligraphy and painting, such as fruits and vegetables and lantern umbrella shed 19, clearing up the rubbish debris rocks such as 4 6 tons, regulation strong-arming 2 place,All business owners have been returned to their original positions.3 it is to me, does the practical work for the masses into the environmental regulation bureau in charge of the leadership, in person or staff to help enterprises dismantled umbrella tent, clear clutter, carrying goods, promote various eyesores rectify related policies, through their own practical action, having closer connections with enterprises and masses, the “seven points, two points management, a mandatory service” into effect.Through the cleaning and renovation of the market stalls, the market road is smooth, stalls are neatly placed, the road surface is clean and tidy, providing a clean, tidy and orderly shopping environment for the general public.Producer: Wu Zhaodong; Editor: Wang Yanjun; Editor: Ma Caihong

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