Lingling: 20 convenient nucleic acid sampling sites to serve the “four return” personnel

Rednet Moment February 10 – (correspondent Ding Jianxun) “I was preparing to go to the city to do nucleic acid, but I did not expect the Shishanjiao Community Health Service Center will provide free sampling services, which makes us very convenient and feel very safe.”Lingling Industrial Development Zone from Anhui returned to the enterprise worker Yu Yueying in the sample after happily said.On February 8, Tang Zhiti, director of Shishanjiao Community Health Service Center of Lingling District, and Wu Weiguo, deputy director of Shishanjiao Community Health Service Center in Lingling District, dressed in protective clothing and “fully armed”, took nucleic acid samples for returning personnel at the temporary nucleic acid sampling site on the first floor of The Party and Mass Service Center of Lingling Industrial Park.With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, all walks of life have resumed work one after another. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic and promote the high-quality development of Lingling economy, the author learned from the prevention and control headquarters of Lingling District that convenient nucleic acid sampling sites have been set up in 20 public medical institutions affiliated to the district.At the same time, yongzhou Fourth People’s Hospital, Lingling District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lingling District CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention of three laboratories also provide 24-hour nucleic acid testing services.Relevant officials also said that enterprises and key groups with a large number of migrants can provide nucleic acid testing services free of charge within 24 hours.The author has learned that these nucleic acid sampling centers mainly serve people who return to their hometowns, posts, enterprises and schools after the Spring Festival.After arriving at Lingling, relevant personnel can declare through the permanent protection code online within 24 hours, make an appointment in advance, take personal protective measures such as wearing masks and keeping a distance of “1 meter line”, carry their ID cards, select nearby convenient sampling sites, and show the travel code before nucleic acid testing.

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