Maybach style exterior, luxury first-class interior!Can I do that with my Mercedes V-class MPV?

Hello, everyone, luxury car report, I am your Yue Yue!I often get private messages from my fans asking me whether I can upgrade my Mercedes Benz after I already have one.There are also some owners, themselves are high-end customized commercial cars, but after a few years of driving and want to change the style, or upgrade the configuration, these can be achieved?Of course, most configurations can be selected later, and sometimes even if it is a few simple changes, the effect will be very different.For example, today’s Mercedes V260 has upgraded its appearance to the latest Maybach style, with vertical bars and meshwork, surrounded by chrome weave, and a three-pointed star emblem on the front. Have you noticed the two ribs on the cover?Although not impressive, this design will actually make the whole front face look fuller and more powerful. Come to the side, 18-inch multi-wheel hub, also from the Maybach series.In high-end customization business, the appearance upgrade is actually the easiest to achieve, and the relative cookie-cutter original style, through high-end customization, the overall temperament can climb a step immediately.However, it should also be noted that the dolphin high top body can not be installed in the later period, and the change of seats is not allowed. These are required to be unified refit through the official authorized customization factory of Mercedes Benz in the early stage, and then issue a full set of legal refit procedures, including the certificate of qualification and environmental protection list.And it is not only a matter of formalities, but also a matter of vehicle safety. So we should pay attention to this. If we encounter those that can be modified and upgraded, they are illegal.After looking at the appearance, we then look at the car, open the door will see, the original plastic welcome pedal, upgrade to the all-in-one aluminum alloy material, not only good-looking, but also more wear-resistant skid.The floor and foot-dragging have also been comprehensively upgraded, with integrated stainless steel foot-dragging and teak floor support. Compared with the carpet of the original car, it is also good-looking and easy to take care of, and there is no need to lay a floor mat alone.Although the two aircraft seats in the second row are still original, the track has been redesigned to solve the embarrassment of not passing in the middle of the original car, and the front and rear electric adjustment function has been added, making it more convenient to use.However, as the design of the original seats has not been optimized, it is a pity that the adjustment distance of the second row is limited, and it cannot be adjusted to a very luxurious distance like other high-end customized first-class cabins.The interior also maintained the original factory style, but for those who need it, it can be upgraded, such as changing materials, matching leather roof, or upgrading the third row to a large sofa, no problem.Generally speaking, such a simple modification, from the appearance of the appearance level upgrade, to the practical upgrade of the interior, compared with the original factory or a lot of promotion.Hey, guys, how would you rate this car?Well, today’s Mercedes V class, let’s briefly show you here.I’m your yueyue. See you next time

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