Nayong Public Security continues to carry out in-depth visits

Since the big tour activities, harmony county public security bureau, consciously practice centered on people’s ideas of development, according to the arrangement of the superior deployment, in-depth implementation of main leadership instructions spirit and the province, provincial party committee and government, the complaint reporting system of politics and law in the city 2022 visiting activity work requirements, big visit work earnestly, continue to deepen education development team rectification work,Comprehensively promote the county public security work high-quality development.The Nayong County Public Security Bureau Party Committee requirements outstanding goal-oriented, clear focus to promote the “big visit” activities go deep and solid.We have always adhered to our responsibilities and made every effort to ensure the effectiveness of the “big visit” activities.”Visited” activities combined with the current public security priorities and make work plan, clear elaboration key tasks, specific measures, such as time node, make “visit” a leader, organized, orderly, fast, and how to carry out comprehensive to troubleshoot as a fundamental duty for the populace, obey the work discipline, the discipline, discipline of life.We will do more to respond to public opinion, solve people’s concerns, and seek practical benefits for the people, so that the people can benefit from them, and win their understanding and support through effective investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes, so as to better promote high-quality development of public security work.Pay attention to details, plug loopholes the world is difficult, will do in easy;The affairs of the world must be done in detail.To make big visit activities conducted effectively, realize things out village, things don’t work out of town, contradiction is not turned over to the target, harmony adjust measures to local conditions, the evaluation of public security, working conditions, in order to screen early warning in place, mediation channel, stability control in place to prevent for the work target, insist on classification ShiCe, on-site to resolve all kinds of disputes in a timely manner.Focus on the focus, to achieve effective wanshan majestic there will be a peak, but zhi a lead dragon Gun nine chapters.Nayong public security attaches great importance to the application and expansion of the results of big visits. Through “big visits” activities, we find out the situation of conflicts and disputes at the grassroots level, the comprehensive management of public security in communities and villages, the role of legal publicity, and the construction of people’s mediation organizations.Collect and sort out the collected clues, opinions and suggestions, evaluation results, etc., and timely study and handle relevant clues, suggestions and suggestions;For those that can be solved immediately, and for those that cannot be solved for the time being, we will formulate work measures, specify time limits and those who are responsible, explain them to the people, win their understanding and support, and ensure that everything can be settled and every case can be answered.Correspondent Ju Weiyu Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Xiao Daxi editor Gu Yeling editor Li Kai

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