200,000 inner four-wheel drive SUV smart benchmarking new Ford Sharp

If there are several mainstream mid-size SUVs on the market today, there is a high probability that they will include Toyota Highlander, Volkswagen Tiguan L and the newly modified Ford Sharp PLUS.On December 19th last year, Changan Ford released the all-new Ford Escape, a medium-sized SUV model, in Hangzhou. The powerful product strength of 2.0T+8AT+ four-wheel drive makes The Escape quickly recognized by consumers, especially the orders of four-wheel drive models over 200,000 yuan have exceeded 10,000 yuan so far.Jia enjoy and vertical enjoy ST-Line these two models with high sales accounted for more than 90%.Despite the severe impact of COVID-19, with the support of a series of caring and respectful policies, Ruiji sales recovered rapidly after the resumption of work and production.It can be said that the joint venture brand four-wheel drive SUV of 200,000 yuan level, Ruiji has become the first choice, we did it!This time, Ruiji will bring more.We believe that more consumers should have and enjoy the pioneer SUV models with both high performance and high intelligence. Therefore, Changan Ford officially launches the new Ford Sharp?Smart version, including smart yue enjoy and smart jia enjoy, priced at 179,800 yuan and 194,800 yuan respectively, further enrich ruiji’s product pedigree.Performance first, intelligent support.Compared with the same products, Ruiji?Smart model not only has a strong SUV performance, but also a series of intelligent technology configuration leading the industry trend, which can be called the intelligent benchmark of the joint venture brand medium-sized SUV models within 200,000 yuan.Supported by 3I smart technology, the ø Intelligent Connectivity is another feature of “Yahanhui”. Understand your SYNC+ Chi Hang infotainment system in seconds.Combined with baidu core technology of artificial intelligence, the SYNC + system has industry-leading natural semantic recognition, support the identification, including weather, encyclopedic knowledge, news and other 70 kinds of semantic class, speech recognition rate is as high as 98%, support vehicle several rounds of natural voice interaction with people, to achieve between close friends to some “seconds” the tacit understanding.In the era of rapid development of AI and 5G technology, you can really just talk, not do anything!SYNC+ also supports intelligent navigation, seamless connectivity between in-car and mobile services, and offers a large number of cloud-based audio and video resources through in-car apps such as IQiyi.ø (Intelligent Driving Assist) Active safety with “foresight” :Co-pilot360 ™ Intelligent Driving Assistance system, the leading of the same level, can realize the ultra-distance detection of 150 meters for vehicles and 90 meters for pedestrians [1], and automatically brake in distress to ensure safety.It has LKA lane keeping assistance, AEB intelligent induction brake protection (with pedestrian recognition function), FCW anti-collision warning, driver fatigue monitoring and a series of intelligent driver assistance functions.Co-pilot360 ™ acts as an always-on safety driver’s assistant, proactively responding to reduce the risk of driving on complex roads and bringing ultimate safety to every trip.Co-pilot 360™ Smart Driver Assistance System ø (Intelligent Air Refresh)AAR intelligent Xinfeng system carried by Ruiji adopts HE micron grade high efficiency filter element, which can automatically filter PM2.5, dust, pollen and other pollutants. It can achieve a 95% filtration rate for suspended particulate matter with a diameter of 0.5 micron [2], and can effectively filter aerosols. The activated carbon layer also has a certain removal effect on benzene and other macromolecular chemical pollutants.AAR xin wind system by AQS sensor and PM2.5 air quality sensor, automatic monitoring air quality inside and out, on the road automatic remind open air function, parking system will automatically change the car every 2 hours air [3], the remote unlock automatically replace the fresh air, ensure that opens the door, there are fresh and healthy breathing space.All of these are automatically handled by the system to protect the driver’s healthy breathing anytime and anywhere, which is even more precious in emergency times.We have never been so concerned about the safety of the air inside the car as we are today. Ruiji is like a “treasure boy” with many hidden abilities, and has been ready for it.AAR intelligent Xinfeng system 2A advanced performance, high-energy experience makes people can’t stop.ø (Agile Power Performance) 2.0T+8AT, the strong Power of the class leading new Ford Sharp?Smart model in the performance configuration is also powerful, “the fourth generation EcoBoost®2.0 liter twin eddy current turbocharged engine + refined new generation 8AT” golden power combination, can erupt the power of 248 horsepower, peak torque of 393 N · m surging power, the whole system 100 km acceleration only 7.5 seconds,Overall fuel consumption is further reduced to 7.3l / 100km, achieving a better balance between ultra-low fuel consumption and powerful power, not only achieving a perfect balance of powerful power and smooth acceleration, but also bringing excellent fuel economy.ø (Aluminum Alloy Suspension) surpasses the Aluminum Alloy Suspension at the same level [4], and the feedback of road condition is more sensitive, helping the vehicle to instantly complete the body attitude adjustment.In short, the power is leading, the chassis is solid, ruiki is a high-energy SUV that can explode endless driving fun.The price of the new Ford Escape isn’t the only surprise!Honest and honest sharp never let people down!Sharp international?Intelligent edition models not only brings lower purchase threshold, the whole vehicle also provide contains 0 years for – 0 day for 365 days, zero cost based maintenance/old owners – three years of free replacement of lifelong free maintenance, 0 concern – the AAR, wind system, a series of warm heart service [5], high value and high performance perfect balance, buy more easily, use more convenient,So that more consumers can easily enjoy ruiji’s strong product force to bring excellent car life.Whether it is the all-wheel-drive version with the unique performance of the 200,000 yuan class or the Smart version with the leading intelligent experience within 200,000 yuan, the new Ford Escape will better meet the increasingly diversified needs of consumers, while also bringing a greater impact on the mid-size SUV market.

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