Argentina focused on training, can Chile seize the opportunity to go further?

Although Chile at the beginning of the qualifying performance is bad, but fortunately they stabilize the situation in time, in the latest 4 round, played a 3-1, with nine points in a row, after Chile directly leap to sixth in the league, and the fourth Colombia is only 1 minute, in the friendly in the near future,They also drew with Mexico and held El Salvador without a draw, and the team’s form has been very consistent.Although Argentina in a qualifying match recently failed to beat Brazil, but they are also well in advance to the World Cup qualification, although in the latest roster, inter binary martinez, rafael correa, and di maria, Mr Barak, such as core is still selected, Argentina’s power is still very strong, but it is worth noting that the coach scaroni has made it clear that,The rest of the game will be more training and testing for Argentina, who are not looking to win or win.The Argentina’s data is declining, but they not only lack of fighting spirit, in the first cycle of the game, they are all under the condition of no benefit in Chile, Chile in recent years and they have three games are only reap the results of the draw, so together, I think the game is still in Argentina should not be overestimated.Verdict: Chile

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