Guaranteed to 35 + 4!Booker exploded, phoenix continued to lead the west, Paul 6 turnovers, Sacramento 34+12

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Phoenix SUNS in the NBA regular-season matchup at 8:00 am On February 9, Beijing time.The top tier of the Eastern conference is in flux, as the Sixers, who surged to no. 2 a week ago, have fallen to no. 5 with a 32-21 record.The Sixers have come a long way since the start of the season, when they were ranked outside the top eight in the Eastern Conference, only to catch up as they adapted from the back end.After all, the Sixers were the top team in the Eastern Conference last season, and they clearly had what it takes to make a run for the Finals or even the championship.However, there are still some obstacles for the Sixers, which is that they have not been able to get rid of simmons’ strike. Despite the criticism of Simmons in the playoffs last season, his role in the Sixers is still very big, and simmons not playing is definitely not a good thing for the Sixers.The Sixers need to trade Simmons as soon as possible in order to compete for a title.The SUNS, on the other hand, are by far the strongest team of the season, topping the Western Conference at 43-10 and winning 13 of their last 14 games, the only team with an.500 or better regular season record.Booker and Paul, the combination of external field, can put an end to score again, and can organize dredge team, and the SUNS inside or force is not weak, as well, as the best basketball player, mackey, join this season than ever, young Smith have bright eye, of the phoenix SUNS won’t be soft persimmon, before they reached the finals last season, therefore,The SUNS remain one of the favorites to win this season.The SUNS started Booker, Ayton, Paul, Bridges and Crowder, and the 76ers started Embiid, Harris, Steph Curry, Maxi and Sabre.Won first quarter began, edgerton jump ball, the sun team first to get the ball, mid-range jumper by pulling up, Paul scored the first goal the match, Brooks then swished a three-pointer in couple place, the sun to start a 5-0 lead, Harris is strong, and opened the basket to help 76 people Bridges fly layup immediately responded, Harris mid-range jumpers in again,Booker immediately hit a 3-pointer from outside to give the SUNS a slim lead early in the first quarter.But in the middle of the quarter, Booker suddenly lost power, shooting speed, the 76ers seized the opportunity to close the score, the two teams are very competitive, the first quarter after the game, the SUNS lead the 76ers by four points 29-25.Harris hit a layup inside early in the second quarter to help the 76ers continue to close the gap, while the SUNS were flat and unable to dominate.Harris exploded, scoring 13 points on 6-of-8 shooting and leading the Sixers to a lead in the quarter.Booker scored five straight points in the clutch to get the SUNS back in the lead, but the SUNS lost momentum late in the second quarter and the sixers rallied to take a four-point lead, 59-55, at halftime.Booker had 15 points and four rebounds in the first half, and Bridges had 13 points.Embiid Harris scored 19 and 17 points for the 76ers.The Sixers took the lead early in the second half, with Maxi coming up with a series of kills and Embiid making an easy single. The Sixers took a 14-point lead early in the third quarter.But the league’s no. 1 SUNS, not so easy to collapse, the next SUNS play steadily, gradually narrow the deficit, Paul and Booker back to the midrange touch, McGee also become a surprise, a series of basket losses, after three quarters, the Sun only 83-84 76ers by one point.Details battle, two teams of stalemate phase, both the score with one, lead alternately, until the last three minutes, Paul on two free throws, leading the SUNS 1 minute, the critical moment, Paul got out and two successive hits three points, and finally the booker also grasp the tactical free throws, finally the sun is 114-109, 14 leading to five points behind,Complete 19 – point reversal, continue to lead the western theater.Statistically, Booker had 35 points, four rebounds and three assists.Bridges had 23 points and four rebounds;Paul had 16 points, four rebounds, 12 assists and two steals;McGee had 15 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks;Ayton had 10 points and six rebounds;Crowder had 14 rebounds, four assists and two steals.For the 76ers, Embiid had 34 points, 12 rebounds, three assists and three steals.Harris had 30 points, seven rebounds and three assists;Maxi had 14 points, six rebounds and four assists;Niang had eight points, three rebounds and three assists;Sable 8 points and 2 blocks.

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