Nicol Z 400mm F / 2.8TC VR S with a built-in 1.4 multiplier lens

Recently, PetaPixel, a professional photography equipment review website, published a professional evaluation of nikol Z400mm F / 2.8TC VR S, which was highly praised from multiple dimensions such as quality, operation and imaging quality.According to PetaPixel, the lens has a built-in 1.4 multiplier lens and can switch between 400mm and 560mm, making it a convenient and practical tool for long-distance shooting.Nikkel Z 400mm F /2.8 TC VR SPetaPixel was founded in 2009, is one of the world’s leading photography website, has more than 4 million users, focus on photography enthusiasts and professional photographers to present the wonderful world of photography.PetaPixel said in his review that the nikol Z400mm F / 2.8TC VR S has excited many photographers who take long distance images.The telephoto prime lens measures 380mm in length and, despite the built-in extended-range lens, weighs only about 2,936g, making it easy to take on the road.The built-in 1.4 multiplier lens is one of the biggest highlights of this lens and works well with the Nikon Z 9 during shooting.There is a vertical bar on the right rear side of the camera handle, which can easily switch between 400mm and 560mm focal lengths at the maximum aperture of F /2.8 and F /4.The left side of the lens is equipped with focus mode switch and focus limiter, simple design can better achieve sealing effect, avoid exposure point.The focus ring above the Nikol Z 400mm F / 2.8TC VR S is made of rubber material with good texture and tension, and can be controlled accurately with one finger.Fn ring can control aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, and also set disable function to avoid misoperation during shooting.The memory setting button can store and call the common focus position by rotating the Fn ring after the focus is completed.The front of the lens is protected by a fluorine coating, which is dust and water resistant and easy to clean.The lens consists of 19 sets of 25 lenses, including 2 low dispersion ED lenses, 2 fluorite lenses, 1 enhanced low dispersion ED lens, 1 Blue high refraction (SR) lens, amorphous coating with medium aperture and anti-reflection HD ARNEO coating lens, and fluorine coating front lens.Nikon’s newly developed mid-pore amorphous and Anti-reflection Hd (ARNEO) coatings offer high anti-reflection properties that effectively control glare, reflection and ghost generation.The lens is equipped with shock absorption function. When used together with Nikon Z series full-frame micro single-digital cameras including Nikon Z 9, the jitter compensation effect of VR shock absorption function of about 5.5 gears can be achieved. In actual use, the compensation effect of the two focal segments is enough to meet the requirements of shooting.The Nicol Z400mm F / 2.8TC VR S delivers superb resolution and contrast when it comes to close-up shots, capturing bird images in close focus with delicate feather details, sharp eyes and creamy backgrounds.Nikon’s newly developed smooth high-speed Voice Coil motor (SSVCM) was used for the first time in the auto focus drive motor of the Nikol Z bayonmouth lens, and the operating sound was almost inaudible during shooting.Manual focus overlay function allows the photographer to turn the focus ring in auto focus mode and explore creative fun freely.According to PetaPixel, the Nikol Z400mm F / 2.8TC VR S is a very lightweight lens with powerful optical properties.At 400mm, the lens renders both close and distant images sharp and sharp, while 560mm allows for a more compact portrait.The built-in extender can switch between two focal segments flexibly, fully meeting the photographer’s demand for long focal lens.

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