Qi Yang municipal party propaganda department held party history study education thematic democratic life

Rednet hour on January 30 dispatch (correspondent Chen Zheng) On January 28, qi Yang municipal party committee propaganda department held party member leading cadre history study education special topic democratic life, party member leading cadre serious and thorough check place problem, frank exchange thought, serious development criticism and self-criticism.Qi Yang municipal committee standing committee, propaganda minister Wu Dongtao chaired the meeting and made a summary speech, Qi Yang municipal committee organization department, party history education municipal committee guidance inspection group to guide.Conference on the municipal party committee propaganda department team members 2020 democratic life corrective to carry out the situation and the situation of soliciting opinions concerning the keynote democratic life, Wu Dongtao contrast on behalf of the propaganda department team check and take the lead as a personal reference check, personal control inspections BuWuHui members one by one, and carry out mutual criticism seriously, we stick to the theme, with practice,Carry out in-depth examination and analysis.Wu dongtao called for strict alignment of targets and tables, a clear political stance and a firm and correct political orientation.We will enhance our political responsibility, maintain a high degree of ideological, political and action unity with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, and more effectively implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee.We need to change our work style and attitude, carry out overall planning and reform to the letter.We will fully consider and study the problems found at the meeting for democratic life, and formulate rectification plans according to their priorities and difficulties.To seize the opportunity to treat, the courage to take responsibility to promote development, to promote the cause of high-quality and efficient.To keep pace with the development of The Times, clarify the development thinking, shoulder the responsibility and mission, take the initiative to take action, and use the new results of rectification to further gather the energy of officials and staff, and gather the positive energy to promote innovation-driven and transformational development.We must adhere to the principle of strict governance, set an example, and implement comprehensive and strict governance of the Party.We will actively improve Party conduct and clean government, move faster to promote sustained and overall improvement in the political environment, and develop systems and mechanisms for both daring and forsaking corruption, so as to uphold the principle of strict governance for a long time to come.

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