“Tiger” full power!Kong Nan pressed the “accelerator button” to resume work and production

“Tiger” full power!Recently, Xiao Xuan visited a number of enterprises in the Southern district of Hong Kong to learn about the resumption of work and production.It is reported that while consolidating the defense line of epidemic prevention and control, Gangnan District has actively helped the enterprises under its jurisdiction to resume work and production through door-to-door nucleic acid testing, recommending enterprises to recruit workers and coordinating epidemic prevention materials.As of February 18, gangnan district on the industrial enterprises operating rate reached 100%, to promote the stable production of enterprises in the area.On February 13, Xiao Xuan came to Lansheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. to see that three medical staff are carrying out nucleic acid testing work in the company, identity verification, collection of specimens, the whole scene in an orderly manner, in a short time, the company’s more than 300 employees all finished nucleic acid testing.”We are particularly grateful to the Gangnan District Committee and the District government for providing nucleic acid testing services at home, enabling our enterprises to resume work and production smoothly and achieve both resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention and control.”Lansheng wood industry limited company manager Liang Zhizhao said.It is reported that the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Gangnan District took the lead in organizing relevant departments to send nucleic acid testing teams to provide on-site services to enterprises. By the morning of February 18, nucleic acid testing teams had collected samples from more than 38,000 people in 300 enterprises.We will make every effort to ensure that nucleic acid collection is fully checked and no one is missed. We will effectively build a solid defense line against the epidemic in the whole region and escort the full resumption of work and production in Gangnan Region.Subsequently, Xiao Xuan came to the production workshop of Honggang Wood Industry Co., LTD., which is also in full swing production scene, has been the first to achieve 100% resumption of work and production.The towns and villages of Gangnam are also moving.Batang Street, through visits and telephone inquiries, actively mapped out the exact time of the resumption of work and production of each enterprise, organized forces to give guidance to the front line, coordinated with the enterprise to do a good job of prevention and control material reserve before the resumption of work and production, and coordinated with relevant departments to solve the recruitment problems of enterprises.We will strengthen service guarantee, effectively coordinate energy demand and raw material supply of enterprises, and help enterprises fully resume work and production to achieve efficiency.Enterprises speed up the resumption of work and production.Yang Jiehua, general manager of Honggang Wood, said: “Before the construction of the plant, we carried out safety checks on the machinery and equipment of the whole plant, and strictly implemented the relevant requirements of the district Committee, the district government and departments at all levels for epidemic prevention and control.Next, according to customer orders, we will recruit more than 300 employees to ensure the company’s order production and strive for the output value of 200 million yuan in 2022!”The Communist Party of China Guigang City Committee propaganda Department hosted guigang Municipal Party committee network information Office guidance Guigang daily/Guigang news network produced content source source original Hong Kong South District Committee propaganda Department pictures and videos Fan Aoxing Quan Baicheng Luo Ying editing chief new media editor Luo Ying on-duty editor Luo Ying correction Liang Jinfeng Chen Zhuomin on-duty director Zheng Rui-fu

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