Shenyang’s nostalgia is the chicken frame, behind which hides the loneliness and sadness of the northeast

Article | Chinese military strategy Into the boat this is shenyang homesickness, returning home to charge the taste of the Spring Festival, is behind the sad old industrial cities.”The most delicious than bone edge meat”, not a chicken can leave Shenyang with a shelf.In the documentary Snack Night Jianghu, Shenyang is defined as “the city with the largest consumption of chicken racks”, with its people consuming half of the country’s chicken racks every year.There is a long-spread story about shenyang chicken rack. In the Qing Dynasty, a Cook of The Baylor family, seeing the poor children begging for food on the street, secretly smoked the chicken rack left over from the baylor family’s cooking and gave it to the child begging.Thus, this kind of food has been passed down to the present day.But in fact, shenyang people really love to eat chicken rack behind the reason, which implies the city of Shenyang frugal and optimistic.In the late 1980s, Liaoning was a major breeding area for white-feathered chickens, while Shenyang had the largest state-run chicken farm in northeast China.At that time, most of the chickens in the chicken farm were used for export. In order to meet the needs of export quarantine at that time, the whole chicken was cut into chicken leg meat, chicken breast meat and other plastic sealing, and the chicken frame became the leftover material that could not be exported.Frugal Shenyang people are not willing to throw away the chicken rack. Some stores buy the chicken rack at a low price, boil the soup, make low-cost chicken noodle soup, and sprinkle the cooked chicken rack with chili oil, mustard and other spices to make another delicacy.The chicken rack, as the accompaniment of chicken noodle soup, unexpectedly gained the preference of diners.Shenyang is the old industrial city, when most people are all workers in shenyang, in those days, the workers is a favorite way of killing time drinking to chat, chicken meat, oil, affordable, thus became the best kind of snacks should we have the heart of shenyang, “eating chicken, drink old snow” a way of life of the working class.Time came to 1995, the wave of state-owned enterprises laid off, nearly 300,000 shenyang workers laid off, data shows that from 1998 to 2001, the three northeastern provinces have millions of workers laid off every year.The cheapest meat is chicken, and the least valuable is the chicken rack.As the cheapest chicken scraps, chicken rack can be eaten for only two yuan.Smoked chicken rack, roast chicken rack, sauce chicken rack, boiled chicken rack, mix chicken rack, fried chicken rack, fried chicken rack, chicken rack……So, optimistic Shenyang people eat the chicken rack flower.Eating the leftover meat of chicken rack and drinking old snow became the way of life of old Shenyang artificial people.Once the difficulties, the chicken rack left on the table of Shenyang people, behind this, recorded that generation of Shenyang people’s difficult life, but also recorded shenyang people’s optimistic attitude towards life, even if the life is difficult, can find a way to treat yourself.Shenyang people finally survived the hardship of laid-off workers, “revitalize the old industrial base” slogan, thrifty and optimistic northeast people began to struggle again.Take Liaoning as an example. In the past year, despite the “big test” of the epidemic, Liaoning’s GDP grew by 0.6 percent, achieving a hard-won positive growth. This is due to the solid foundation of liaoning’s high-quality development under the Northeast Revitalization strategy.In the food documentary Snack Night Jianghu, Shenyang is described as “the city with the largest consumption of chicken racks”, with its residents consuming half of the country’s chicken racks every year.But now, the chicken rack on the dinner table is no longer a “compromise”, but a real and able choice of pastime.Behind a small chicken frame, the industrious and thrifty and optimistic of several generations of Shenyang people are fixed.Welcome to pay attention, know the man of the moment, read the legend of military strategy.Copyright, all rights reserved.Some pictures from the network if involved in infringement, please contact to delete

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