Spring Festival: I stand guard for the forest

Water network news (all media reporter Li Shihao trainee reporter Wu Mingming Huang Yulong) at the end of the winter, dry things, the forest is high fire danger period, but also the ranger is relatively busy.At the Longkou Forest Farm in Xijiadian town, a group of forest rangers give up reunions with their families to guard the peace of the forest.On February 1, the reporter walked into the Longkou forest farm and experienced the persistence and hardship of forest rangers.Located in the middle of Danjiangkou Reservoir, Longkou Forest Farm, with a total area of 48,200 mu and a forest coverage rate of more than 95%, is an important ecological barrier in Danjiangkou City.Forest fire prevention is the most important work of forest farm.Walking in the quiet mountains, except for the wind, I can only hear the rustle of feet on the leaves.Yang Bangshu, head of longkou Forest Farm, and his team patrol more than 16,000 mu of forest land.Every morning and afternoon, he would spend two hours on inspection, open to traffic where there was a road, and walk where the car could not reach.Yang also carries a pen and notebook to record the growth of trees, diseases and insect pests on his mountain Tours.Yang Bangshu, head of longkou Forestry Farm, said: “This tree is infected with pine wood nematode disease, so it has to be cut down, piled up and burned.The stump must be treated with medicine to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and prevent our whole pine forest from being infected.”If we keep the green hills, we will keep the future.”Yang bangshu firmly believes that through daily efforts, he will always build a solid protective wall for the forest under his feet.More than 10 forest rangers from Longkou Forest Farm shuttle through the mountains in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The rugged mountain roads are full of their footprints, and the rustling leaves are the notes they play. The mountain wind accompanies them through the cold and hot summer.According to city longkou forest field Yang Bangshu introduced, this forest field key protection period is from the annual October 1 to the second year on April 31 stop.In this special period, forest fire prevention can not be careless one day, all staff on duty, stick to their posts, to ensure the forest peace, to ensure that every village in the forest has a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.

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