The first gold medal winner of the Winter Olympics experienced how lonely it is to be invincible

The first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics came on Sunday afternoon, when Norwegian Skier Johaig won the women’s cross-country skiing double chase in 44 minutes 13.7 seconds.As Johaiuge’s strength early lock gold medal, the battle for the second place instead became the biggest watch, the second position in the lead of three quarters of Austria’s Teresa, failed to defend the silver medal, was Russia’s Natalia Nepriaeva counter-kill.Johaig held on to the lead from the first time point, and as the race progressed, each time point was able to further open up the gap with his opponent, with a third of the race remaining, Johaig’s lead was approaching half a minute.It is worth mentioning that About haiyu ge could have achieved better results, but in the middle of the skateboard change defects, and affected about haiyu ge in the competition comfort.But about haiyu ge to overcome difficulties, the use of sliding inertia adjustment skateboard, neither affect the results, and the perfect solution to the uncomfortable problem, the final experience of a “invincible is how lonely”, easily won the championship.Natalia’s silver medal is also something to be proud of.As the leader in the middle distance, Natalia was seeded no. 1, but in terms of her cross-country results, her previous best was no. 8.Today, Natalia was basically in the top eight, and for a long time she was in sixth place, chasing her best time.But in the five-person melee for the silver medal, Natalia fought through the pressure and made a comeback, jumping from sixth to second and winning the silver despite some ups and downs in the middle.After the race, Natalia was overwhelmed with emotion and the winner, Johaiug, was the first to step forward to congratulate her.

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