When snow meets horse racing, Switzerland’s St. Moritz Snow Festival is best known

When it comes to horse racing, people tend to think of green grass or dusty sand, but horse racing is also popular in places covered with snow and ice.So there is a wonderful reaction of “snow and ice” and “horse racing”.Many friends familiar with racing horse racing is not strange for European snow, this kind of horse racing than the average horse race, the biggest characteristic is its circuit composed of ice and snow, as if the grass turned white, especially st. moritz, Switzerland in horse racing festival, the annual snow since 1907, has a history of more than hundred years ago,It is not only a unique event in the world, but also an important celebration of local tourism and culture.Like horse racing held on grass, snow horse racing in Switzerland can also be divided into snow horse racing where the jockey rides on horseback and snow horse racing where the horse pulls the ski cart behind the horse. The latter is especially popular in Russia, France and other countries where car racing is popular.If snow horse racing is still mainly a horse racing activity, just happens to be held on the snow, then the next “horse riding skiing” is definitely a comprehensive combination of “horse” and “snow and ice”.As the name suggests, Swiss luge racing is a combination of horse riding and skiing.Although a bit of an outlier for most people, the sport was actually included in the 1928 Winter Olympics.

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