Zhang Wei Wang Mian deducts music talk show, net friend ridicule: too embarrassed!

On February 1, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala caused a hot discussion among every family. It is well-known that Zhang Wei has appeared on the Spring Festival Gala many times. This time, Zhang Wei and Wang Mian, who is on the Spring Festival Gala for the first time, performed the music talk show Happy Atmosphere group together.This new form of program, or quite popular with young people, dazhang Wei and Wang Mian from dialect roots, homophonic roots to teach us how to resolve the awkward questions when visiting relatives and friends at home during the Spring Festival, have to say, is really down to earth.Zhang Wei was very active, and the interaction of the audience to the scene of the atmosphere are ignited, worthy of the atmosphere group.Big Zhang Wei holding guitar singing, Wang Mian as 2020’s talk show king, the combination of the two is really wonderful.What exactly is “this” reply to everything?Relatives ask you, “When are you getting married?”You can reply, “This…”Your friend asks you, “Why are you so fat?”You can reply, “This…”Many netizens thought the show was very embarrassing, but this kind of lame meme is very funny.I can really give them embarrassment!It’s really fun!Talk shows in recent years, is from the mainstream to the road, but far from the “national talk show” there is still a long way to go, homophonic not all people like, not all people can accept.

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