Mother recalled Harbin story: the army hospital’s anti-rightist struggle

My mother Li Shuxian (1923 — 1982), originally from Yanling County, Xuchang City, Henan Province, joined the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army in April 1949 and worked in the Artillery Logistics Department General Hospital (later renamed 36th Army Hospital and renamed 211 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army after the end of the War of Resistance to The United States and Assistance to Korea) as an assistant, nurse and head nurse in 1950.1965 transferred to Harbin Taiping District People’s Hospital to work as the chief nurse.He retired in 1979.He died in 1982.During her mother’s illness, she kept a diary and wrote her autobiography every day for three years until her death.The following article is based on the memoirs written by my mother before her death. The first person “I” in the article is my mother herself, and the subtitle of the article is added by me.This series of articles commemorates my beloved mother.In the summer of 1957, I served as a head nurse in the obstetrics and Gynecology department of a military hospital in Harbin. The director of the department was Zhang Yufang.We work well together and we are close comrade-in-arms.Work and life are going well.At this time, the whole country set off the anti-rightist struggle climax, the wind also blew into our military hospital.At the beginning, there was no big storm. Every day, we just held meetings and studied, and we talked together without any pain or itching. But this state did not last long, and the situation began to change.The movement became more and more fervent, and the whole country reached its climax. It is said that all our organs and units directly affiliated with the military were doing a good job.Only our hospital “not ideal”, is the “gap”. The superior man hurried, criticism, the political section as hell, one night, in a party work meeting, mobilization, administrative director Wu Zhenhua said at the meeting: mother work in the army hospital during the period of “the higher criticism of our work, we work to grasp is bad, the comrades to think, the whole countryThe anti-rightist struggle is so fierce that in this big hospital of five or six hundred people, isn’t there even a rightist?As far as we know, there are not only rightists, but not one, among the masses, among party members and among cadres!We must find out!”Wu was usually a jovial man, but that night I noticed a frightening look in his eyes.Since then, the atmosphere in the courtyard has become tense. Slogans have been pasted everywhere and meetings have been held every day.We pointed out the class struggle in the hospitals and analyzed the words and deeds of everyone in daily life. Some people from “not very good” backgrounds and some people who used to contradict and give advice to the leaders began to sit on their hands in fear that the rightists’ hats would fall on their heads.Zhang Yufang’s mood is also obviously some abnormal, just see her work silently every day, few words, no longer hear her bright singing and laughter.I’ve been with her for years and I’ve never seen her like this!Her work has always been excellent, although sometimes and the leadership of the mouth, but that is the work of the problem, can not be blamed elsewhere, she is a good background, after the founding of our army training of the first generation of college students, can be regarded as the root of the red Miao Zhuang, can she have any hidden problems?This day after work, we all have dinner, she still do not go, I also intentionally stay, she seems to guess my intention, did not speak, just looked at me, still in the office to tidy up something.She took off her white coat and walked out of the office. I walked out with her. The corridor was quiet and no one could be seen.Zhang Yufang suddenly put her head on my body and sobbed. I grabbed her hurriedly and said, “Don’t do that.?””Sister Li, I, what can I do?”She couldn’t stop her tears and they made my clothes wet.It turned out that her boyfriend, Wang Pingzhang, had been labeled as a rightist. Wang pingzhang was li’s classmate at the military medical University. They had started dating at school and now he was working in another military hospital in another city.He wrote to Zhang Yufang and asked her to consider the relationship between them, which was what Zhang yufang was worrying about these days.I couldn’t think of anything good at the moment but to comfort her to be strong, not to be too emotional, to think it over, and not to be too busy answering letters.Right!Rightists are counter-revolutionaries, the enemy, Yufang is a communist, cadre, soldier, if do not draw a clear line……What would I do if that happened to me?I……A few days later, something unexpected happened.Cory a doctor named sun found yuh-fang chang’s boyfriend in the dormitory to write letter and yuh-fang chang wrote a letter that is not sent out, the doctor sun once careless with yuh-fang chang criticism because of the job, she has a lot of complaints about yuh-fang chang, unexpectedly will these letters to steal away, to the political section director wu, it is a serious problem, and partial to yuh-fang chang posters everywhere, aEach one is harder than the last.Our department immediately became the most important unit in the hospital. It held meetings until eleven o ‘clock every evening, and one day it even ended at two o ‘clock in the morning. It seemed that Mr. Wu was determined to do something special.”What is your attitude to rightists?””Why do you protect the rightists?””Why do you support the right?””Why support him?””You always contradict the leaders and confront the superiors, what is your attitude to the Party?””You……?””You……?”Zhang yufang tried to explain these questions at first, but then she stopped talking and sat with her head down.When my mother was working in the military hospital, the superiors came to know the situation every day, and the political department also reported the progress of the campaign in detail every day. The number of big-character newspapers and the number of various meetings were counted. The situation became more and more tense, and zhang Yufang and I had no chance to talk alone.After doing this for more than a month, Zhang Yufang was finally defeated.On that day, the whole hospital held a military meeting. Zhang Yufang was reading a confession at the meeting. Her hair was dishevelled, her face was as pale as paper, and there was no blood..I am dissatisfied with the anti-rightist struggle and support the rightists’ counter-movement, which is actually anti-….Anti-party, anti-socialist……”Her voice trembled, and she could read no more. What had happened to such a strong man!I tried to hold back the tears welling up the eyes, how dare tears!Two soldiers came over, tore off Zhang Yufang’s collar, epaulets, cap badge, the conference announced that she was expelled from the Party, military status, temporary hospital labor reform.Soon Zhang Yufang was sent to the countryside.In 1965, after I transferred to a local job, I ran into Zhang Yufang on the street of Harbin.She called me first, but it took me half a day to recognize her, how changed!I had the impression that she was a tall girl with a rosy face, bright eyes and always smiling, but here stood the figure of an old woman in her fifties or sixties: thin and yellow, with white hair on her forehead and obvious wrinkles on her face. She was not even forty at that time.In 1964, mother took a photo with her comrade-in-arms after transferring from a military hospital. Mother is fourth from the right in the front row.Wiping away tears, Zhang Yufang tells me what happened to her.In 1957, she was demobilized by the army to the local area, and was sent to the rural labor reform.The formalities after Harbin city health bureau, health bureau review files after graduated from medical university, discovered that she was seven years rare talent, such talent sent probably feel it’s too bad, rural labor treatment will she stay in Harbin, assigned to a district maternity and child care when the pediatrician, she finally and past boyfriend Wang Pingzhang married, had two children.I asked her about her husband and children and comforted her by saying, “Yufang, forget the past.It’s all right now, and take good care of yourself.”” How can YOU forget, Sister Li?My rightist hat is to pick off, can pick off still pick hat rightist, the job is good again also cannot comment advanced, cannot raise a level, the life in the home is very difficult, follow even the child to suffer implicated, this lifetime true bitter……I’m so bitter!”The more Zhang Yufang talked, the more sad she became and even began to cry.What can I say?After that, I never saw her again. Then the “Cultural Revolution” began. My family was in a mess.More than a dozen years passed without regard for himself or for others.The year before last, I heard the central government about the decision of vindicting wrongful convictions, immediately thought of Zhang Yufang, a whole 20 years, how is she now?I went to the old military hospital for news of her, and a fellow soldier told me that she had died.From that comrade I got the last tidings of Li Yufang.After li Yufang went to the maternal and child health care hospital, she worked hard all day, except for medical care, and did all the dirty work. For more than ten years, everyone respected and sympathized with her, but she could not raise her head politically. The Cultural Revolution was also fought against, and when there was a movement, she had to be disciplined first, let alone promoted her salary.After smashing the “Gang of Four”, the central Committee of the Party made a decision to exonerate unjust, false and wrongful convictions. She had heard the news early and was so happy that she would say to everyone: this time I can really endure, this time I can see the sky, looking forward to 20 years, and finally not in vain!But she was so happy and excited that she had a heart attack. On her way to work one morning, she fell headlong on the curb and never came back, not even saying a word.That night WHEN I was lying in bed, I couldn’t sleep. I always seemed to see zhang Yufang.Now she was in uniform, heroic, now she was pale, sad, now she was lying on the side of the road, unconscious…History has turned a new page, my good comrade finally looked forward to this day.I firmly believe that such a tragedy will never happen again.

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