No “waste on the tip of your tongue”!Changzhi City bureau of Agriculture and Rural affairs in action

Huanghe News Network Changzhi news: On January 25, young cadres of Changzhi Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs took to the streets and went deep into the community to carry out voluntary service activities of “practicing thrift and opposing food waste”.The graph is:Changzhi city bureau of agriculture and rural areas “practise frugality against food waste” volunteer service activities on-site activities, the volunteers the residents crowd on to save water, save food, save electricity, save paper, save resources in five aspects, such as the specific practices, guide the masses consciousness of water-saving, refused to the waste of the tip of the tongue, advocate low carbon life, paperless office, protect living environment,Do a good job of garbage classification, reduce environmental pollution.The picture shows: Volunteers distribute leaflets to residents and distribute the “135 Green and low-carbon travel” initiative to advocate green travel and low-carbon life for residents.Volunteers came to supermarkets and restaurants to popularize the cd-rom campaign and the knowledge of how to reasonably consume food and drink to the general residents, and urged the residents to actively participate in the cd-rom campaign. They reminded the residents that “a porridge and a meal should be thought of as hard-won” and refused to “waste on the tip of their tongue”, forming a good social atmosphere of thrift.(Xing Luxia)

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