Shandong’s first Winter Olympic medal!After 2000, Li Wenlong brushes the screen!

Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong won the gold and silver MEDALS respectively in the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 7. Wu Dajing ranked fourth.Among them, The silver medal won by Li Wenlong, a young athlete born in 2000, is the first medal won by Shandong athletes in the history of the Winter Olympics. Shandong Sports Bureau sent a congratulatory message to the Chinese sports delegation of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The game has been trending many times, but the most touching message is “team friendship”.Before the final, the three Chinese players touched arms to encourage each other.The game was suspended for safety reasons because of the blades on the ice.Everyone’s physical strength has declined, Ren Ziwei led the slide, Wu Dajing exceeded.Next, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing alternate lead skating.When watching the replay of the final, netizens noticed that Wu gently touched Ren’s hand and signaled him to “go” after ren passed him once.I still remember the Pyeongchang Olympic Games four years ago, Ren Ziwei said to Wu Dajing: As long as we are in a team, I will do my best to help you.This is the collective sense of honor engraved in the bones of the Chinese people, “success does not need to be mine, success must be mine”.Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and Wang Meng, a former member of China’s national speed skating and short track speed skating team and the first “triple champion” in The history of China’s short track speed skating, was full of praise for Li Wenlong when commentating on the competition, which made everyone pay attention to this Shandong athlete.”Li Wenlong is such an executive!He broke his skates to execute his mission. He was great today!We must not forget li Wenlong, the youngest son of the people!”The detail of skates, let many people break defense.”Li Wenlong, the youngest son of the people,” also hit the hot topic search.In the comments section, netizens praised the little boy’s performance.Another said the silver medal was like gold.Born in 2001, Li Wenlong joined the Qingdao short track speed skating team at the age of 11.Later, as the first shandong athlete, he was selected to the Chinese speed skating team and competed in the Current Winter Olympics.On The evening of February 7, Li Wenlong made history by winning a silver medal, making his debut at the Winter Olympics and the first appearance of a Shandong ice and snow athlete on the grand stage.This is also the first medal won by shandong Winter Olympic team.People’s Daily Photo: Gong Han, Li Shuo li Wenlong: Four years later, I want to change the color of the medal.Li said he had never expected to win a medal, but “skated all the way down and got the silver”.”Four years ago in Pyeongchang, your senior brother Ren Ziwei won a silver medal, and he said he would change the medal color after four years.On this night, he did.So, are you confident that in four years’ time, you can go one step further?”After the mixed interview area, the reporter threw this question to Li Wenlong.Without thinking, Li wenlong answered in two words: “Of course.”Li wenlong’s father, Li Jukun, recalled that when li Wenlong was young, he developed an independent character. “We did some small business and didn’t have much time to take care of our children.When Wen Long was five or six years old, he would go to the bath by himself, no longer accompanied by his family. From the first grade in primary school, he would go to and from school by bus, which saved us a lot of worries.”It is also a coincidence that Li Wenlong took the road of ice and snow.As a child, Li wenlong was smaller than his peers and took up roller skating to improve his physique.It wasn’t long before Li wenlong showed his talent for skating.Parents do not have high expectations for their son: “As long as a child can have a healthy body, a hobby and learn how to behave, he will almost have a foothold in society.”Liu Xiaoying, the coach of Li Wenlong’s provincial team, said she was very excited. She hoped That Li Wenlong would return to zero and play well in the following matches, cooperate well with his teammates and continue to win glory for the country.Next, Li Wenlong will participate in a number of events, I wish him good results!Source: comprehensive public network, Shandong politics, Qilu Evening News, Shun network editor: Zhao Ping proofread: Dong Liyan review: Liu Min

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