Shanghai’s market regulator has launched an investigation into “sky-high cabbage prices”

Source:”For Chinese cabbage” represent the Shanghai market supervision department investigation “for Chinese cabbage” represent the Shanghai market regulators to initiate an investigation The Shanghai market regulatory authority Beijing, Shanghai, April 2 (xinhua reporters YanLiQin) to guarantee basic living supplies parts of Shanghai residents during the traffic control market prices stable and orderly, for days,Shanghai market regulators have cracked down on all kinds of illegal pricing practices.On April 1, Shanghai market supervision bureau again exposed a batch of illegal operators.At the same time, if consumers find relevant price illegal behavior, please timely call 12315 or 12345 complaints.Recently, some netizens reported on Weibo that a supermarket had “sky-high cabbage prices”, with a head of cabbage selling for as much as 73.21 yuan.Law enforcement personnel immediately to the public opinion involved in Shanghai qingping highway supermarket inspection.According to the investigation, the price of Chinese cabbage sold by the party on March 29 was 33.8 yuan/kg, which was much higher than the highest price difference of the same product traded at the trading place within 7 days before March 19, 2022 (inclusive).The behavior of the party concerned violates the relevant provisions of the Price Law and the Guiding Opinions on Identifying Illegal Acts of Price gouging during epidemic Prevention and Control, which constitutes price gouging.At present, the case is being handled.”Chinese cabbage” for Shanghai market supervision department investigation Shanghai market regulator to provide law enforcement inspection, found that the traffic control after the announcement, pan an unadjusted lettuce, cucumber, tomato, towel gourd, yellow onion, foreign price of 6 kinds of vegetables such as spinach, using a large number of customers flood the market to purchase to check the price of the psychological, improve the sales price,The actual sales price is higher than the price marked on the business site.The behavior of the parties violates the relevant provisions of the Price Law and constitutes an illegal act of “using false or misleading price means to trick consumers or other business operators into trading with them”.According to the Provisions on administrative Penalties for Price Violations, the law enforcement department issued a notice of hearing on administrative penalties to the parties on April 1, proposing a heavier punishment and a fine of 100,000 yuan.Market regulators recently found that a number of operators in the sale of edible agricultural products have not clearly marked the problem, according to the law to investigate.For example, minhang District Xinzhu Road supermarket selling edamame beans, water celery, leek, thin skin pepper and other vegetables are not marked pricing unit and other relevant content;A food management department sells eggs at the price of 12 yuan/kg without an explicit price tag;A department store sold potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and other food products without specifying prices.The Shanghai market regulator said it will continue to strengthen market price supervision of daily necessities and epidemic prevention materials during the epidemic prevention and control period, and maintain a high pressure crackdown on all kinds of illegal pricing.At the same time, relying on hotlines such as 12315 and 12345 and online media, we collected and handled complaints and reports from the public in a timely manner to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.(after)

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