The actual photo of 2023 Hongqi H5 test car, the size of the Mercedes E-class, can meet the needs of young people

New H5 rigged 2023 red flag car today has already appeared in the factory, from mass production version models of time more and more short, the new generation of 2023 red flag H5, the overall size matches the mercedes-benz e-class, reached 5 meters, wheelbase has nearly three meters, the comprehensive strength and competitive products, whether to the young man’s car demand?For the young consumers, more selective of luxury cars, but the 200000 level of mercedes-benz BMW audi models, in terms of size, space and dynamic performance is not advantage, and a new generation of 2023 red flag H5, have been able to reach the state of the introductory class a car so the strength of the overall performance of stand out.Paragraphs 2023 red flag H5 new 2023 red flag H5 test and car has appeared in the factory, as a new generation of young models, the appearance of the new design style and design concept are very prominent, as the 200000 level models, show a sense of business and luxurious feeling, let the car competition pressure is bigger, especially before the face of large size of chrome plated China open,The visual impact is very strong.This time the flag of the appearance of the H5 launched a variety of color, the overall style and position changed, early b-class models is standard, but in the sense of luxury and high sense of performance is not very rich, right now, a new generation of vehicles using the latest family design language, fully able to attract high-end consumers.This time the new generation of Red Flag H5, ushered in the new 2023 version of the model, in the interior performance has a strong sense of science and technology, power is equipped with 1.5T hybrid and 2.0t turbocharged engine, the overall comprehensive strength is greatly improved.Summary: Although there are many luxury B-class cars in the domestic market at present, both classic models and new generation models have all appeared, but hongqi H5 brand power, product power and competitiveness, the current trial car debut, has begun to stand out in the same level of models.

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