Us leads China, Winter Olympics medal tally updated!Ice and snow power crazy 9 gold, China Asia first

The total number of gold MEDALS won by Norway, France and the United States at the Winter Olympics on February 13 was seven, with one gold medal for each team.Norway’s dominance was evident in both the number of golds and total MEDALS.It is worth noting that Norway finished first in MEDALS at the last Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, so the Norwegian team just maintained its strong performance.Rounding out the top group were Germany, the United States and the Netherlands with eight, six and six golds respectively.The United States won a speed skating gold medal on Feb. 13 in the women’s 500-meter event. Ellin Jackson beat Japan’s Mifan Takagi to win the gold medal, which was crucial for the United States to maintain its top-three position and open a gap on Sweden.The United States team has always been a sports specialty, has always been strong in the Olympic Games, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games team medal harvest is the first.However, the United States is only in the upper middle and upper reaches of the Olympic field. It won’t be able to match Norway’s overall strength in Beijing, as it aims to surpass its previous record of nine golds.In terms of Asian teams, The Chinese team has become a worthy first, currently ranked first with 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze. As a comparison, Japan has 2 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze, and South Korea has 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze. The combined gold MEDALS of the Japanese and Korean teams are inferior to the Chinese team, reflecting the outstanding Chinese team.China is currently ranked eighth in group 2, which is inferior to group 1 teams such as Norway, Germany and the United States.In addition, the Chinese team on February 13, have the opportunity to impact the gold medal, Wu Dajing in short track speed skating 500 meters project is the defending champion level, slip out of 23 of the 40 seconds preliminaries, unfortunately, in the semi-finals, Wu Dajing influenced by south Korean contestant Huang Daxian, lead to no final, final, Hungary’s Liu Shaoang 33 40 seconds in the final to win,This result is inferior to Wu Dajing’s preliminary result.Can say, Wu Dajing did not win the title is a pity, this has this absolute strength, China missed a precious gold medal.Gu Ailing, the popular skier, was supposed to compete in the skiing event on February 13, but was postponed due to bad weather. Instead, she will compete in the qualification event on February 14 and the final on February 15.Gu Has already won one gold medal in the Winter Olympics. The 18-year-old super star will compete in two more events and bring China two gold MEDALS at most. I believe Gu is capable of doing so.(Lin Xiaoshi)

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